Gangster Bolshevism

Gangster Bolshevism
Gangster Bolshevism is an ideology for queer, work-shy, shut in, basement dwelling sperglords.

It is actually a code word for "loves black dick", and their motto 8 19 is a numerological code for "Hail Sodomy". H being the eighth letter of the alphabet and S being the nineteenth.

Its primary followers are Katamite Kane, Cinaedus Clancy, Yackoff Jizzrael and Savrola aka Chief Hu Sit Tu Pe aka Kaw Liga. They faithfooly whoreship their god Ganymede, the Patron Saint of man/boy buggery, and also offer ass-up homage to the Holy Temple of the Mishima Man-Crush.

All followers of Gangster Bolshevism are "bottoms" and primarily post on other forums to troll for cock since they are in desperate need of a "top".

Sep 29, 2013
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