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» god123123 - 06-05-01:53 -- my next target is going to be "proton media llc." Enough time has passed and I am confident enough about my future in the IT industry that I will assail proton media and dave watson. (former employer)

» god123123 - 11-06-11:08 -- i would kill my own parents if they don't go along with my revolution]
» god123123 - 11-06-11:12 -- if you can't envision yourself executing yoru own parents like nero and sean sellers, then you aren't a real revolutionary.

» god123123 - 13-04-12:44 -- i think philadelphia turned me into a black lover. i like the way blacks don't repect authority.

Daryl Is A Faggot


» god123123 - 11-04-08:57 -- and rule OVER nature
» god123123 - 11-04-08:57 -- but i hate humanity, i hate the phora, i hate my parents, i hate life, i hate evderythign, so why not be a fucking homoseuxla
» god123123 - 11-04-08:57 -- i agree that being a heterosexual is natural. it's the way to keep the human race.
» god123123 - 11-04-08:51 -- I think I am going to start the whole homosexual persona. Think about it. I won't argue that's it's natural, but I'll argue that I'm somehow "ruling over" nature by being a homosexual. Some of the best serial killers were homosexual and I already am cruel to women, and i already hate males who are too nice to females, so why not just put the middle finger up the whole way and go full faggot like richrd kuklinski did when he killed that one guy in a bar and wore high heels.
» god123123 - 11-04-08:51 -- I wrote this under my real name "Daryol BasarB" in facebook
» Edmonds Fitzgerald - 11-04-08:50 -- 8 19
» god123123 - 11-04-08:47 -- be back later today 8-19
» god123123 - 11-04-08:47 -- i'm not one of those homosexuals who says that it is natural.
» apollonian - 11-04-08:47 -- Un-natural too
» god123123 - 11-04-08:47 -- i agree. but let's pervert nature.
» apollonian - 11-04-08:47 -- so diverting the sexual impulse towards same sex is gross affectation
» apollonian - 11-04-08:46 -- the natural sexual impulse is simply for pro-creation and reproducing the race--the biologic purpose/function
» god123123 - 11-04-08:46 -- he wore high heel shoes and stuff.
» god123123 - 11-04-08:45 -- haha. people have told me there's no way i could pass as a faggot. but richard kulkinski did it to carry out one of his hits.
» apollonian - 11-04-08:45 -- to be honest, this all sounds like classic narcissism and self-centeredness
» god123123 - 11-04-08:44 -- and you can get aids too and not have children
» god123123 - 11-04-08:44 -- think about it. u can be a good serial killer if you are gay. you can fuck and then nobody will talk about it.
» god123123 - 11-04-08:43 -- i need to get over the little bit of atrraction to women i have.
» god123123 - 11-04-08:43 -- I don't think I'm a true women hater until i identifymyself as a faggot.
» god123123 - 11-04-08:42 -- http://www.*************************/Edi...evik-demo/
» god123123 - 11-04-08:42 -- i'm a flaming homoseuxual.
» god123123 - 11-04-08:41 -- http://www.thephora.net/forum/showthread...854&page=2 I think I am goign to start saying I'm gay. I don't belive sexual oritentatio nis real, but if I can chose, why not pick gay. That will really piss everyone off. The women wont' like it and th men won't like it either.
Sep 11, 2012
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