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    The Western people's heads are christianized every meaning.Not only Christianty itself,but also human morals、philosophies and democracy are issued from Christianity.Westerners could not think anything apart from christianity.Westerners's heads are deeply immersed in the christianity.You must pull your hearts off the christian ocean,if you wish to destroy the evil world.This evil world has been constructed by the combined works of Christianism and Judaism.The two are Jekyll and Hyde.They are one.Therefore,If you hate Judaism System,you must cast Christianism off your brains totally.

    How can you wash your brains?

    Practise Zen,not merely meditation.Hindu meditation is possible to induce you into psychic space.

    I introduce you ZIGMA Zen.ZIGMA is Eternal Buddha. Syakamini or Gautama Siddhartha is the fake of Eternal Buddaha,ZIGMA.
    Sit on the floor cross-legged.Strait up your spine.Draw your chin.Attach the lower and upper teeth lightly.Cross the fingers on the thighs.Close your eyes .Breathe out drawing your belly very slowly.Don't mind the breathing in.Breathe in naturally before your lungs become difficult.
    Practise Zen daily half-hour or more a day.If you keep on practising Zen,your brains will be washed.Every sword master of Japan practised Zen."Ken-Zen itchi".It means sword and zen is one. Feb 16,2017

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