YouTuber Onision Runs Creepy Forum Where Young Teenage Girls Post Photos in Their Underwear

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    Onision is a popular figure in the YouTube community, with two main channels that have about 2 million subscribers each. He is best known for the hit “Banana Song” video as well as assorted comedy bits and self-help advice. But there’s another piece of his online persona that is way creepier than goofy music videos and hackneyed comedy sketches. On his OnisionSpeaks YouTube channel, he sometimes publishes videos that consist of him critiquing young girls’ bodies. In these videos, he shows pictures of real girls, some of them fully clothed but others wearing only underwear and a bra. Onision tells the girls that they should lose or gain weight, as part of helping them attain what he says is the ideal body type so they can feel good about themselves. While he’s nice to the fit girls, he sometimes says fat girls have “Shrek bodies.” He’ll also make comments on whether he thinks the girls suffer from anorexia based on their pictures. “I know anorexia doesn’t have a look, but if it did, it would look like this,” he commented on one girl’s photo. To an Asian girl with lots of acne, he said “Whatever, not all Asian people can be perfect.” We have decided not to embed the videos in this story, but his channel is here. Onision makes enough money off the advertising that runs with this videos to support himself.

    To find the photos to critique, Onision, whose real name is Greg Jackson, draws from a forum that he owns and operates,, where girls register and then submit pictures of themselves in hopes of being featured in one of videos. The videos run as long as six minutes and garner hundreds of thousands of views. In the photos they submit, many girls write his name on their bodies in deference to him. Onision, who is 31, actively encourages girls to post photos of themselves on his forum for use in his videos. “A lot of you posted pictures to the forums wanting opinions on your body types/demonstrating how a body can look ugly from one angle, then better from another angle or position… I think there is a lot to learn in this video & overall, I really appreciate your contributions,” he wrote on the description under one of his newer body-image videos. In just a half-hour of scrolling through some of the pages and pages of posts and photos in his forum, I found dozens and dozens of examples of girls who list ages for themselves that are between 11 and 17. When registering to be a member on Onision’s forum there is no age verification and nowhere in the terms and conditions does it say that users have to be 18 to post pictures of themselves. If there is language discouraging such actions it is not easily visible on the site. One forum member, Dank Memes Bro, shared pictures of herself in her underwear in one post, and in another claimed she was 15 (here).
    Another girl, ayukawaiineko_, specifically says she is under 18 but will not tell Onision how old because he has used her in his videos and it would cause him problems. In an earlier post she claims to be 15.
    Another girl, Rowanw, posted a desperate message to Onision on the forum, claiming her 13-year-old sister was featured in one of his videos in her underwear. She asked him to edit it out.
    Despite the plea, it does not appear Onision has edited the video from November 8 called “TRY HARD GIRLS (The TRUTH About Selfies),” where he mocks and ridicules a series of young-looking girls’ appearance. The girl with the Calvin Klein underwear mentioned in the above post is still in it.

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