When the Dictator Cromwell sought to re-introduce Jews back into England, one vile lawyer said "no!"

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    His name was William Prynne, who authored A Short Demurrer in response to Cromwell's proposal (A Short Demurrer to the Jewes Long Discontinued Barred Remittur into England). E. Michael Jones calls this "one of the most effective polemics in the history of English logomachy" (whatever the fuck that means!) Although this document is loaded with old English, Latin, and near medieval legalese, it is both a lethal essay and assay apprising Jewish shenanigans in England prior to their initial expulsion in 1290. Prynne is a well-read, highly educated historian-esquire that utilizes all of the then extant English histories to assess the Jewish impact on the English people. Contrary to Jewish and millenarian Puritan hopes, this impact is concluded to be mostly if not wholly negative, and Prynne advances this evidence in a dedicated attempt to dumpster both former and then potential English Jews. Hence the other, final, and perhaps most essential phrase contained within the original 1290 injunction: "... and never to return again" (emphasis mine). This demurrer is not only an excellent source, but a primary one, providing a glance into the mind of a seventeenth century red-pilled white warrior in his battle against organized Jewry and, just like we find today, crazy fuckin' fundamentalists who think they can move Jews around like pawns to trigger Armageddon, the return of Jesus Christ, and the conversion of the Jews. William Prynne is more connected to reality. As he points out, this crazy shit just ain't gonna happen, and if anything, the Christians are more likely to covert to Judaism than vice versa.

    Check it out, like I said, great reference: http://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=eebo;idno=A56206.0001.001

    To save you some time: do not read the "To the Christian Reader" part. It's more like an Introduction, but it's long, boring, and archaic lawyerly. Also mostly useless.

    This excerpts comes courtesy of E. Michael Jones' The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit:

    If you've actually read this far, I'm sure you think you know what became of this debate, at least initially. So did I. But the final outcome of all of this, what the English initially decided to do with their Jewish immigrants, will probably shock and amuse you, at least if you have a dark sense of humor...

    But of course! Send the satanic, bloodsucking thieving parasites to the Irish! Give 'em the POLISH treatment!

    Well, now I know why the Irish continuously rebelled for like 800 fuckin' years. "We arrnt no polacks or no frackin niggars!"

    By the way, apparently at this time, whilst in their biblically-induced manic state, the Puritans thought the American Indians were the lost tribes of Israel. As in they were totally convinced and repeatedly "confirmed" it. They thought that, after bringing the Jews in, they could then connect with the American Indian Israelites and form like this millenarian Super Jewish Empire.

    After all of the hoopla, it turns out that the English didn't want it. On p. 454 of Jones' text, we find out that Jewish communities essentially just "sneak in," slowly and over time. Suddenly, in a court action, it is realized that they are already there. And the king just decides to abandon the 1290 law through lack of enforcement.

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    So both Lord Protector Cromwell and his nemesis King Charles II accepted the jews, contrary to the Edict of King Edward. Jews always control both sides.
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