Treehouse pirate ship plundered by scallywags...

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    Sounds like someone had too much time on their hands, and little common sense insofar as what they stocked their "pirate ship" with. :lol:

    Treehouse pirate ship plundered by scallywags

    3 hrs ago
    There aren't many high-seas hijinks in landlocked Arizona. But the owner of the perhaps the only pirate ship in the state just became … the victim of pirates. Mike Shepard of Yavapai County built a pirate ship treehouse in his backyard more than 15 years ago, and filled it with all manner of pirate gear and weird stuff to delight his young family.

    However, some sticky-fingered landlubbers broke in and stole the ship's booty, including daggers, ornate swords, real gold coins and an Egyptian necklace. Shepard estimates he's lost $5,000 worth of stuff. Police are looking for a one-legged man with a parrot, who goes by "Matey."
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