Transgender Kindergarten Ceremonies!

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    Seriously. No, seriously: FUCK this gay Earth.

    Kindergarten celebrates 5-year-old transgender ‘transition;’ kids traumatized

    By Bradford Richardson - The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 23, 2017

    An elite charter school in California has been rocked by scandal since the end of the last school year, when a kindergarten teacher read her class a pair of books advocating transgender ideology, and a male kindergartener was reintroduced to the class as a girl.

    Now first-graders at Rocklin Academy Gateway risk a trip to the principal’s office if they refer to their transgender classmate by the wrong name or gender pronoun, said Karen England, executive director of the Capitol Resource Institute, a pro-family group based in Sacramento.

    “There was a little girl who had been in class with the little boy all last year,” Ms. England said. “They’re in different classes now, but she saw him on the playground yesterday and called him by his name. The little girl was told ‘you can’t do that, his name is this name,’ and ‘you need to call him a “her.”’ Then she was called to the principal’s office.”

    Ms. England said she has been in touch with the girl’s parents and described them as “outraged.” She said they met with school officials to discuss the matter Wednesday.

    It’s not clear whether the girl was disciplined for the infraction. Rocklin Academy did not return a request for comment before press time.

    The controversy at Rocklin is just the latest example of the transgender movement’s increasing emphasis on spreading its ideology through early education.

    In Washington state, for instance, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction issued guidelines instructing schools to teach students about gender identity as early as kindergarten.

    Kindergarteners and first-graders must be taught that “there are many ways to express gender,” according to the guidelines, which took effect this school year.

    Second-graders, meanwhile, are expected to learn that there is a “wide range of gender roles and expressions,” and third-graders that “gender roles can vary considerably.”

    Chris Plante, policy director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, said expecting 5-year-olds to understand the concept of gender identity is “completely unreasonable and irresponsible.”

    “We don’t allow our kids to cross the street unattended at this age because they can’t understand the concept of a car, never mind gender expression,” Mr. Plante said. “That doesn’t even begin to address the idea that these are concepts that should be left to parents, who know best for their children.”

    Two days before summer break, a kindergarten teacher at Rocklin Academy read her class “I am Jazz,” written by transgender reality TV star Jazz Jennings, and “Red: A Crayon’s Story,” a children’s book about a blue crayon that identifies as a red crayon.

    “The boy’s parents asked the teacher to read these books, that today was going to be the day that we are going to change his name and start presenting him as a girl,” Ms. England said. “And the school said yes.”

    At some point the boy reportedly left the classroom and came back dressed in girls’ clothing, whereupon he was reintroduced to his classmates as a girl.
    Neither Rocklin Academy nor the teacher involved has confirmed that the boy left the classroom to change.

    “There’s some question about the sequence of events because the school is refusing to answer questions,” Ms. England said. “They’re telling parents to ask their 5-year-olds what happened. We interviewed about one-third of the students — again, these are kindergarteners — but they all agreed that he came to school dressed one way and, at some point in the day, changed, and that his name became a girl’s name.”

    When they went home, students told their parents that one of their classmates had changed from a boy to a girl.

    “All I heard was my son just mentioned his friend, who was a boy, is now a girl,” one parent, Chris Hurley, told Fox40.

    About a week later Rocklin Academy sent a letter to parents to reassure them that the books read were “age appropriate children’s books, geared for ages 4-8.” The school pointed to its policy and California state law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

    Legal counsel for the Rocklin Academy school board also delivered a PowerPoint presentation to parents on July 31. One slide said students have the “right to the use of his or her preferred pronoun at school and in class.”

    “Intentional use of the non-preferred pronoun is considered gender identity harassment,” the presentation said. “Don’t assume a preferred pronoun; ask.”

    The presentation cited Obama administration guidance and Title IX, saying the cost of a federal investigation would be “astronomical, in both the financial and reputational senses.”

    Rocklin Academy sent parents follow-up letters addressing their complaints on Aug. 11 and 15.

    The Aug. 11 letter said the board would not “ban specific books from being read to students in the classroom.” The Aug. 15 letter raised concerns about the “possibility of creating a slippery slope about what can and cannot be discussed in our classrooms.”

    Ms. England called the arguments being advanced by the school “disingenuous.” She said parents aren’t asking for specific books to be banned or certain subjects to be off limits for discussion.

    “All the parents want is notification before these controversial issues are brought up in the classroom,” she said.

    The PowerPoint presentation noted that parents have a right to opt their children out of sex education under California law. But it said “diversity and tolerance curricula” do not qualify as “sex education.”

    The Rocklin Academy Board of Directors held a meeting Monday, during which parents were able to vent their concerns. The board, however, refrained from responding because the topic was not on the agenda. A school board meeting to address the issue is expected to be held on Sept. 18.

    Classes resumed at Rocklin Academy last week, and it didn’t take long for one of the transgender boy’s first-grade peers to call him the wrong name and use the wrong gender pronoun.

    “Imagine how difficult it is for that first-grader to try to understand that the person that she knew as a boy all last year is suddenly a girl,” Mr. Plante said. “And to hold her to account for that, to send her to the principal’s office because she honestly doesn’t understand what this means? It’s mind-boggling.”

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    It's hard to fathom, but - unlike Hollywood's Leiv Schreiber - there are still
    parents out there who refuse to stand on The Right Side of History.
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    Now's let see how Shitlib Media, aka the MSM, covered this.

    ‘A girl brain but a boy body.’ Kindergarten parents outraged over transgender book read in class

    A book about a transgender child read during story time in a kindergarten classroom in Rocklin has divided a school along ideological lines and sparked a flurry of vitriol on social media and conservative web sites.

    The children’s book “I am Jazz” was brought to Rocklin Academy Gateway School on June 7 by a transgender student who wanted to share it with classmates during story time. “I am Jazz” is the story of a real-life transgender girl named Jazz Jennings.

    “I have a girl brain but a boy body,” Jazz says in the book. “This is called transgender. I was born this way!”

    Later that same day, the Rocklin teacher selected and read “Red: A Crayon’s story,” a book about a crayon struggling with an identity crisis, according to a letter from the public charter school, which is part of the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools. The books are geared to children ages 4 to 8.

    Upset parents called the school and met with administrators. They protested at a June board meeting. Two families pulled their kids from the school. The issue has become so heated that the district hired a public relations firm to help handle the fallout.

    Social media posts have shown heated opposition to the story-time choice. Stories on local news stations, conservative web sites and press releases from family values organizations quoted parents who said the school threw a coming-out party that culminated with a boy coming out of the bathroom in girl’s clothing.

    School officials say there was no such reveal. The child had been transitioning slowly during the school year and had already been wearing girl’s clothes, said Jillayne Antoon, who was principal at the school and has since been promoted to director of growth and community engagement for the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools.

    The girl did go to the bathroom later in the day and changed into a dress, but then quietly returned to the classroom, Antoon said. She said the children had all brought extra clothes to school that day in anticipation of water play at recess, although that didn’t end up taking place.

    “A couple of girls complimented her on her dress,” Antoon said. “We were so proud of how the kids can handle this in a way that clearly the adults are having a hard time with.”

    Upset parents whose children told them about the story called Karen England of Capitol Resource Institute, a conservative advocacy group based in Nevada. England has a long track record of opposing changes supported by the LGBT community. It fought same-sex marriage and a state law (AB1266) that permits transgender students to join athletic teams and use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identities instead of their sex.

    England said the school neglected parental rights when the teacher read the book to the children. “No parents were previously notified that this discussion would take place,” according to a press release from the organization.

    England told The Bee that parents opposing the teacher’s reading of the book would not talk on the record. Attempts to contact parents who commented on social media were unsuccessful.

    “The average parent doesn’t want to have this conversation in kindergarten, and it was forced upon them,” England said.

    Robin Stout, executive director of Rocklin Academy Family of Schools, said a large number of the families in the school system have supported the teacher. The family of the student who brought the book to school declined to comment.

    Parent Ankur Dhawan had a 5-year-old daughter in the kindergarten class. He doesn’t have a problem with the book.

    “This is a topic that is very pertinent to our times,” he said. “If I wanted to have this discussion with my child I don’t know of a mechanism that would work out better then this. The timing isn’t what I chose, but it is a decent way to bring it up.”

    It’s not unusual for children as young as kindergarten to transition to another gender, according to officials from Sacramento-area school districts.

    Jazz Jennings, the subject and co-author of “I am Jazz,” has been in the media spotlight since 2004, when at age 4 she was diagnosed with gender identity disorder. Since then she has appeared on numerous television programs, starred in a reality series and is a spokeswoman for LGBT rights.

    “Our understanding is that most of us have a solid sense of our gender identity by the time we are 3 or 4 years old,” said Nichole Wofford a social worker at the Connect Center at Sacramento City Unified School District, which offers support services to all students, including transgender kids.

    Wofford said that the two books read by the Rocklin teacher are commonly known by people who are working with transgender youth. and are about gender identity, not about sex or sexuality.

    Gender socialization happens very young, agreed Swati Rao, a clinical psychiatrist at UC Davis Children’s Hospital and doctor at the Gender Health Center in downtown Sacramento. “Gender identity is your internal idea of what gender you are, whether you are male or female or neither,” she said. “It is a completely separate issue from who you find attractive.”

    How schools discuss transgender issues with students is governed by state law, including the Fair Education Act, passed in 2011. The law requires that the contributions of minority groups, the disabled and the LGBT community be included in educational textbooks in public schools.

    The School Success and Opportunity Act (AB1266), passed in 2013, allows transgender students to participate in sports and use facilities consistent with their gender identity. It also prevents schools from revealing the identity of students who are transgender and requires them to use the name and pronoun consistent with the student’s gender identity.

    When a child transitions at a Sacramento City Unified, the Connect Center offers support and guidance to the child, family and staff, Wofford said. The district notes the child’s preferred name and gender in the school database.

    San Juan Unified uses a handbook called “Schools in Transition” and has offered workshops for transgender students, staff and families through the Gender Health Center in Sacramento. There also are resources online at Gender Spectrum, said Kate Hazarian, San Juan Unified’s director of Family Engagement and Partnership Development.

    “We don’t focus on teaching about transgender youth, we focus on tolerance, treating each other with respect and kindness,” Hazarian said.

    It’s usually parents who are most anxious about the topic of transgender children, she said. “My experience is that kids are a lot more tolerant than adults.”

    Some Rocklin Academy parents are pushing the school to exclude certain books, allow parents to opt children out of reading specific books or offer prior notice to parents about which books will be read in class.

    Their concerns prompted the school to review its literary policy over the summer, Stout said. District officials decided that the books that were read to the children were within the policy and did not require prior parental approval, Stout announced that conclusion in the Aug. 15 letter to parents.

    Parents can only opt their children out of sex education, which does not include discussion on gender, sexual orientation or family life, according to the California Education Code.

    “The board and I feel any policy amendments would require a great deal of thoughtful conversation with all the stakeholders,” Stout wrote in her letter to parents. “There is, of course, the possibility of creating a slippery slope about what can and cannot be discussed in our classroom.”

    The school’s policy is in accordance with other public K-12 schools in California, she wrote.

    That response did not satisfy England and other critics.

    “While the law may allow them to have those books in the school, there is nothing that mandates they do it,” England said. “These children belong to the parents and not to the Rocklin Academy. They shouldn’t have it forced upon them by the school. This is a controversial issue that has no place in the classroom.”

    A board meeting last week was emotional on both sides. The teacher at the heart of the controversy offered tearful testimony, while upset parents talked about parental rights and confused children who are afraid they will change gender, according to a CBS 13 news report.

    With controversy still raging, the book will also be on the agenda for the Sept. 18 board meeting, according to school officials.

    Rao, the UC Davis psychiatrist, said fears that children will change their own gender identities because of peers who do so are unfounded.

    “There is actually no evidence to show that being exposed to these issues early on makes children any more likely to become LGBT,” said Rao. “Hiding information about LGBT folks doesn’t make kids any less likely to figure out they are LGBT in the future.”

    She said it is common for all children to do some cross gender play. Children who are persistent and continue to insist they are the other gender than assigned at birth are those who are most likely to be transgender, Rao said.

    Here's healthy, happy Jazz Jennings today....and he looks perfectly adorable: tucked-back cock, merkin and all! "At first,
    the puberty-blocking drugs were a problem", he girlishly confides, "but once you get used to the voices, it's no prob!"
    ......what's that? I - I said "he"? I, I could've, no, I'll come quietly, Officer...
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    Kids don't even know what sex even is. These "professionals" should be put in the public stocks and have fetid animal sex organs thrown at them.
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    ...and what percentage of these "parents" are just twisted, gay activist freaks using their "kids" for their own nefarious political agenda?

    5 year olds don't know anything about anything, and certainly are not even close to being able to make decisions about whether to permanently alter and mangle their genitalia and hormonal balance. But this is really what concerns me... I've been watching this "transgender" thing for a few months now, and it really hit me recently that this is how the Left is going to make its push to sexualize children. They know that the whole "consenting adults" border is pretty cut and dried, even for impressionable upper middle class soccer mom types, but I think this is their foot in the door. It's the last frontier for complete and total destruction of our societies in the "liberation of all boundaries": it looks like they're about to make another push for sexualization of children after the last failed push in the 70's with NAMBLA and the like.
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