Top British Private School to Introduce Gender Neutral Uniforms

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    Soon to be in America.. it's only a matter of time.


    Highgate school in London has promised to introduce gender-neutral uniforms.

    As reported by RT, the top school is looking to abolish the distinction between boys’ and girls’ uniforms. Girls at Highgate have the choice to wear gray trousers as well as dark blue jackets and ties, in addition to skirts. Boys, however, do not have the choice to wear the same skirts the girls have. Adam Pettitt, the headmaster of Highgate school, told the Times that “This generation is really questioning [if we are] being binary in the way we look at things.” He also said that former students have spoken out saying that the new rules could be misleading. “They write in and say if you left children to their own devices they would grow up differently and you are promoting the wrong ideas,” he said. Pettitt has said that if some male pupils are “happier and more secure in who they are” by wearing a girls’ uniform then “it must be a good thing.” The school has already granted one boy permission to wear a dress, as well as letting the children ask teachers to call them by the opposite sex if they wish. Some people, such as Alan Smithers, a professor at Buckingham University, have opposed gender neutral policies in school. “Schools need to help young people become comfortable with their identities, not reinforce their anxieties with measures such as gender-neutral uniforms,” he said according to the Times. Highgate will join 80 other schools that already have a gender-neutral stance towards uniform. According to the Guardian, schools in the UK are seeking a “totally trans-inclusive educational environment and curriculum”


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