Tillerson crying crocodile tears over Crimea

Discussion in 'The Grand Chessboard' started by Angroid, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Shit... so the US which has recently invaded, amongst other countries - Syria - has enough spare time to wipe a little tear for Ukraine's loss of Crimea??? :lol:

    "When one country invades the territory of another snivel snivel"......

    The Elites and shabbos goyim ball-lickers like Tillerson are really pissed off about being outsmarted on Crimea, above all else.

    They really wanted to grab that Naval base at Sevastopol (Sevastopol is a 200% Russian city, the population there detest Pindozstan and Eurofagia and they are more rabid Russian Nationalists than you'll find anywhere in Russia before re-unification with Crimea) to screw with Russia.

    Instead all they got was a failed state filled with Village Idiots and a stalemate on the Eastern Front.
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