The strange & now sadly abandoned Soviet Jet Train from the 1970s

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    The strange & now sadly abandoned Soviet Jet Train from the 1970


    A jet-powered train may seem to make sense in Russia – anything to speed up the dull commute from Omsk to Tomsk – but sudden stops to check papers were impractical to say the least. The concept was tried at least once, however, in 1970.
    The first experiments to create a high-speed models of locomotives in the Soviet Union began in the 1930s. In 1934, at the Kolomna plant carried out preliminary designs of high-speed trains.The Russians want to copy the USA’s first Jet Train..

    A turbojet train is a train powered by turbojet engines. Like a jet aircraft, but unlike a gas turbine locomotive, the train is propelled by the jet thrust of the engines, rather than by its wheels. Only a handful of jet-powered trains have been built, for experimental research in high-speed rail. Turbojet engines have been built with the engine incorporated into a railcar combining both propulsion and passenger accommodation rather than as separate locomotives hauling passenger coaches...

    Moar & some awesome pics of the JeT TrAIN at dfa link runts.
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