The Internecine Deep State Conflict Moves to Stage Two

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    Highly worth reading. Smith made a prediction a couple of years ago that the various Deep State factions were starting to butt heads.

    We're so used to World Zion controlling our information feed that we usually forget that there's other entities (namely the military) that have some real-world power as well. It will be interesting to see what develops in the years ahead:

    The Internecine Deep State Conflict Moves to Stage Two

    It now seems evident that the Neoliberal Camp of the U.S. Deep State is highly vulnerable on an individual basis.
    I tend to notice things like a year-old blog entry suddenly getting thousands of page views. The essay that received a surge of recent interest: Is the Deep State at War--With Itself? (December 13, 2016).
    I'm reprinting the essay below for those interested, as nothing has emerged to change the conclusions.
    That in itself reveals that the internecine war within America's Deep State is if anything heating up as those attempting to hang a "Russian collusion" narrative on their Deep State opponents have failed to produce any proof of this collusion despite a year of effort.
    Then all of a sudden big political donor Harvey Weinstein gets taken down for behaviors that have been well-known within the circles of power for 20+ years. So what changed? Why did Mr. Weinstein's protective wall suddenly fail after serving him so effectively for decades?
    But Mr. Weinstein was only the first to fall. Now high-profile figures across the mainstream media are toppling like dominoes. Doesn't it seem a bit peculiar that all these Protected Privileged are suddenly being exposed, disgraced and removed from positions of influence and power?
    Maybe it's just random coincidence, but I doubt it. It has the scent of an intentional covert campaign. It's well known that the mainstream media and Hollywood has been in bed with the security agencies for decades, and so it seems non-random that suddenly all these big-shots have lost their Protected Privileged Status more or less at once.
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but it looks like those who played on the losing side's team (or cheered from the sidelines) just had their privileges revoked.


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