Superfly Jimmy Snuka -- Terminal Cancer, 6 Months To Live

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    "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka In Poor Health With Less Than 6 Months To Live, Not Competent To Stand Trial

    WWE Hall Of Famer “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka is suffering from terminal cancer. This was revealed in court on Friday when the judge looked over his medical records. Snuka will not be standing trial for involuntary manslaughter charges in the case of Nancy Argentino because it was deemed that he was not mentally competent to stand trial.

    Judge Kelly L. Banach told the court that, according to the medical records, Snuka had been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and he is not expected to live for more than six months. Snuka had been hospitalized recently from the complications from cancer. His poor health only allowed him to appear in court via Skype, according to who was in court providing live coverage on twitter.

    Snuka has been dealing with one infection after another and he is in hospice and he also has memory issues and does not remember who won the Presidential election. Snuka’s wife claimed that he would try to leave the house because, due to his mental state, was convinced that he was going to wrestle.

    The Snuka case stems from what happened between Snuka and then-girlfriend Nancy Argentino in 1983 before a WWF TV taping. Argentino died on 5/11/83 and there have been conflicting stories as to how she died. The coroner’s office ruled at the time of her death that she died due to a traumatic injury. Snuka has given different versions of what happened, including one story about her slipping and falling on the side of the road and dying later in the hotel room.

    Snuka’s “Superfly” autobiography, which contradicted his original story, helped open the doors for officials to re-examine the case. That’s when the story about Argentino falling and slipping on the side of the road came to light.

    Snuka remained steadfast with his side of the story that claimed that Argentino’s death was an accident. WWE has not mentioned Snuka’s name since the case was brought back to life last year and they also revoked his Legends contract.
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