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    Ivan Hrvatska is a singer and entertainer from the Eastern European country of Croatia. Ivan comes from the coast of Croatia, a region known as Dalmatia, where song and dance are as natural as the wine. Ivan began his professional singing career in North America when he collaborated with producer Stephan Hamm on their first radio hit single, "First I Make Love to You, Then Christmas" in 2003. Ivan has since recorded and released his debut CD "Seasons of Love (Party all Year)" in 2005. On his CD, Ivan makes love to every holiday of the year! One album, one year long party! From St. Patrick's Day to Labour Day, and everyday in between, the party never ends.To date Ivan's CD has scored 7 radio singles with Making Love to: Halloween, The CFL's Grey Cup, The Vancouver Canucks, The U.S.A, To Canada, and the Croatia Day Whiskey Song. Branded "THE NEW PARTY HERO", and "KING OF THE HOLIDAYS", Ivan's career continues to grow. Ivan is currently working on a Croatian CD for his return home to Croatia and 2007 European Tour. Ivan is also expanding his talents into advertising and jingle writing, and acting in television and movies. Soon the whole world will receive an invitation to the biggest party ever conceived by a simple man from a small European village, with nothing more than a heart.

    From humble beginnings comes a man of song, festivity, and the belief that there is always a reason to celebrate.

    “You are a GOOD TIME!” - I.H.



    “Love is, in fact, a many splendoured thing. Just ask Ivan Hrvatska. The titles of 14 of the 18 songs on his debut CD, Seasons of Love (Party All Year), deal with love in one form or another. The irresistible (or insatiable) Hrvatska seems to be able to make love just about anywhere, to anybody, at any time…A native of Croatia, Hrvatska is the horny cousin of the Wild and Crazy Guys from Saturday Night Live. His hilarious songs have made Hrvatska fans out of local DJ’s on 96.9 Jack FM, Rock 101, and 99.3 The Fox. Singing in a thick Croatian accent and dancing up a storm, Hrvatska brings a party atmosphere to wherever he performs.”
    -The Vancouver Sun

    “All hail the so-called Croatian Casanova’s first English language disc. The talent behind as genius a track as First I Make Love to You, Then Christmas certainly deserves a wider audience... Essential (any) holiday listening and the title tune (Party All Year) RULES!”
    -The Province

    “Who loves love? Ivan Hrvatska does. Who loves to have a good time? Ivan Hrvatska does. How do I know this? Because I have listened to Seasons of Love, the best party album to come out this year. On this CD, Ivan (the Croatian crooner) sings of his love for making love to all the parties of the year. He makes love to Christmas, St. Patrick's Day... and even The Stanley Cup (just to begin with)”.
    -Red Cat Records

    “To say this is my new favorite song, (Making Love to the Jeff O’Neil Morning Show), would be an understatement! I plan to play this for the remainder of my career! I luv you!!!”
    -Jeff O’Neil - 99.3 The Fox

    “This Grey Cup song, (Making Love to the Grey Cup), will get anyone’s toe tapping! Mr. Ivan Hrvatska has truly outdone himself this time.”
    -The Jeff O’Neil Morning Show - 99.3 The Fox

    “Ivan’s Make Love to Halloween Night is the next “Monster Mash”! We are going to play this every year.”
    -Larry and Willy – 96.9 Jack FM

    "Providing the audience with his sharp wit, through that charming Croatian accent, would have been enough of a fine performance. It was however, Ivan's phenomenal dancing that took me by surprise. That man can MOVE!!!"
    -Here We Are Now

    "The most hilarious thing I have ever heard (Making Love to the Vancouver Canucks)!"
    -Croatian On-Line Community

    “Ivan Hrvatska loves to love... he loves all the holidays of the year... he will sing to you about them and you will become the envy of all the womenfolk in the village”.
    -The Tyee

    1. Party All Year
    2. Making Love to the New Year
    3. Forgive Me, I Love You Too Much on Valentine's Day
    4. Making Love to St. Patrick's Day
    5. Easter Love
    6. Party for the World
    7. Loving Mother's Day
    8. Father's Day
    9. Making Love to Canada
    10. Making Love to the U.S.A.
    11. Croatia Day Whiskey Song
    12. Making Love to Labour Day
    13. Making Love to the Vancouver Canucks
    14. Making Love to Halloween Night
    15. Making Love to Thanksgiving
    16. Making Love to the Grey Cup
    17. First I Make Love to You, Then I Make Love to Christmas
    18. Make Love to Love

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    Who could forget the Ivan Craze that swept out of East Van's Croat enclave in those hockey-heady days before the Second Canucks Riot when fan songs could par-tay and the Festrunk Brothers were still gag-worthy?

    I never saw him live, though he did play New York City where his hit "The NYPD is a Good Time" was well received by the force.

    Ivan was quoted as saying that his background is "half trained singer and half wine."

    He says he wants to branch out into theme songs for TV, radio and commercials where his winning formula is simply to inject some "party and Croatia into the mix" as Ivan puts it.

    Croats worldwide should be proud of this native son.

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