Shamir: For Fear of the Jews (Part 2)

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    (In case you've forgotten, or were unaware, Part 1 was a classic essay written decades ago by the late, and much-missed, Joe Sobran.)

    Antisemitism Weaponised
    OCTOBER 18, 2017 •

    Palestine with its wonderful rolling landscapes and venerable old olive trees, – some of them planted by Mary’s own hands, by the Virgin, Mother of Jesus Christ, the Palestinian peasant woman who owned a plot of olive orchard near present Cremisan Convent in Beit Jalla, still bearing Her name; Palestine with its sturdy mountain folk, lean, sun-tanned and blue-eyed, my second- or perhaps first homeland, where I write these lines, Palestine is also a rare place in the world, where people are not afraid to mouth the word “Jew”.

    My Palestinian friend, a retired chemistry professor Ghassan Abdulla – we became friends years ago while trying to promote the idea of One State for all the inhabitants of the Holy Land of whatever faith, the idea universally accepted all over the world, certainly in your country be it the US, the UK, Russia or France, but still considered extremely radical here – Abdulla often receives visitors from Germany and Austria, as his wife hails from German-speaking part of Switzerland. These guests look shocked whenever they hear the word “Jew”, especially with a negative connotation, like “The Jews do not allow us to have water” or “The Jews do not allow us to use the airport”, “The Jews declared a siege and we can’t go to the church”, “Jews shot at the kids at the crossing”, and so many similar sentences all too frequent in the country where the Jews rule, and the Gentiles obey or die. The German guests are instinctively looking for a bed to crawl and hide under. If they find to escape route, they mumble “Surely not all the Jews”, or “We love Jews”, or something equally silly.

    The US occupation army in Europe instilled terrible fear of Jews in European hearts and minds. This fear was known before: the Gospel is a witness that people were afraid to speak openly of Christ “for fear of the Jews”. Since then, the fear only grew and multiplied. And provided such fear exists, it would be strange if it weren’t used.

    The Austrian elections of last Sunday are a prime exhibit. During the election campaign, the ruling Social Democratic Party of Austria (called SDO for short) imported an Israeli dirty-tricks master, a macher in Yiddish, Tal Silberstein, to besmirch its adversary Sebastian Kurz. Silberstein established a Facebook page in the name of Kurz and posted there strong anti-Jewish diatribes, he organised a FB group of Kurz fans and posted there hard-core Nazi slogans. The idea was that the Austrians will get cold feet and run away from Kurz.

    Kurz figured this out and asked the Facebook moderators to stop it. Usually you do not have to ask FB twice to stop Nazi stuff. And a false identity claim usually gets sorted out in a reasonable time. Here, however, Mr Zuckerberg and his minions tarried a while, reluctant to undermine Silberstein’s outing of an antisemite. Kurz was lucky as Silberstein had been arrested in Israel for corruption-related offences. After that, the FB unplugged its ears and removed Silberstein’s created pages and groups. This was sheer luck: if he were arrested elsewhere, he would be considered a victim of antisemites, and his nasty web would remain intact.

    This Silberstein has quite a name to fit the Hall of Shame: an expert in Black PR, he had been previously connected with bribery-related offences when he ran the campaign for Mrs Julia Timoshenko, a Ukrainian politician. She went to jail, and he went to Israel. In Austria, he had a go of misfortunes: hackers released his correspondence with the SDO, his plans became known to public, the SDO leaders had to stand down and SDO had lost the election.

    So the attempt of Silberstein to frame Kurz as an antisemite had failed, up to a point. He anyway continued to smear another Austrian politician as a Jew-hater. That was the FPO leader Heinz-Christian Strache. The end of the story may comfort us: the Austrians preferred these two parties, Kurz List and FPO, despite the alleged antisemitism, and punished SDO, the kosher party.

    However, before celebrating let us see the downside of this wonderful event. In order to extricate themselves and their parties from the Jewish smear, the two leaders swore loyalty to Israel. They went (separately) to Israel, took photo-op with PM Netanyahu and at the Holocaust memorial, they spoke endlessly how much they adore and appreciate Israel.


    The antisemitism accusation is a win-win proposition for Jews. If a politician doesn’t do what the Jews want, they call him antisemite, and he (a) does what they want, and/or (b) swears fealty to Israel. In case (a) he is a liberal, in case (b) he is a nationalist. In both cases, Jews win.

    And the Palestinians lose. They are locked up behind a high wall; they can’t leave, and the Jews drive in whenever they feel for it, to snatch a man and kill him, or drop him into their nameless gaols. From time to time, the Jews take over a hill or a valley and build there a gated community just for Jews. They take water, they take fields. If the Palestinians build themselves say, a power plant, Jews bomb it to smithereens. They say, otherwise the Palestinians will be able to use electricity to make weapons and kill Jews. It is better for Jews to sell them electricity: the EU pays for some of electricity, the PNA pays for the rest, the money goes to Jewish pockets, while the power switch remains in Jewish hands.

    Can you read the previous paragraph without feeling acute discomfort? If not, you are also a victim of antisemitism hunters. I am not fond of Jew-haters, but these antisemitism hunters are worse, much worse – because they cause real, not imaginary damage.

    Look at Weinstein, the Hollywood wanker – he is a typical antisemitism hunter, dreaming of killing goyim like in his Basterds, or screwing shiksas in real life. He called to “kick ass” of the enemies of Jews, to organize “like Mafia did”, though these guys could teach Mafia a lesson or two. He forced the Gentile girls to have sex with him because he was a simple Jewish boy from Bronx who dreamed of revenge, wrote the editor of the Jewish “It goes without saying that nearly every one of these women — was a Gentile, all the better to feed Weinstein’s revenge-tinged fantasy of having risen above his outer-borough, bridge-and-tunnel Semitic origins.” At the Algemeiner‘s gala in New York City, Weinstein declared, “I love Israel, I love what it stands for, I am proud to be Jewish. I am an Israeli in my heart and mind.”

    Whenever a Palestinian child is killed, whenever an olive tree is uprooted by Jewish bulldozers, Weinstein and Silberstein are accomplices of the crime.

    Now in England, there is a terrible witch-hunt for antisemites in the Labour Party. The idea is to destroy Jeremy Corbyn, to return the party to the people of Blair and his Jewish paymaster Mandelson, who said, “I try to undermine Jeremy Corbyn ‘every single day” with their antisemitism allegations. Corbyn is doing everything to cover himself from this side. Good people, strong activists had been expelled for very little reason, if the Jews demanded their heads. Even an old Professor Moshe Machover, an academic and Israeli socialist, long resident in the UK had been expelled from Labour for this was the command of Israeli ambassador in the UK.

    The US is the worst case of fear of the Jews. The Americans are so afraid of Jews that they express their servile love for Jews at every occasion. Not in private, no. I had met with some American dignitaries; whenever they thought they are not listened to and recorded by NSA, they spoke quite freely of being locked in the Jewish vise. But in public, they would never say anything against the Jewish will. I know only one congresswoman who dared, Cynthia McKinney. She lost her seat, but she won hearts. A person of colour, as you say in the US, she is the whitest one.

    Now consider Donald Trump. From the very beginning of his political career, every day or twice a day he says he is not an antisemite. And he is getting more and more attached to Israel in order to prove it.

    He is doing everything for Israel. He stormed out of UNESCO because they are not obedient enough to Israel – though they even broke their own rules to elect the French-Moroccan Jewish woman as their head in order to please Trump and Netanyahu. He destroyed the nuclear accord with Iran, because that was Netanyahu’s demand. And still, every day the Jews scream that he is an antisemite. (Today, as I write these lines, they call him ‘antisemite’ because he advised Senator Chuck Schumer to check with Israel on his attitude to the Iran nuclear accord.)

    Together with Netanyahu, Trump prepares now an inter-Palestinian civil war, or at least he blocks the Palestinian way of democratically sorting out their internal problems. Since 2006, the Palestinians have been split between Fatah and Hamas. Now they want to form a coalition government and run proper democratic elections like they did in 2006. Israel is surely against it, as they are against every attempt to stop bloodshed in the area. The Jews want more war anytime – from the Iran-Iraq war to the War on Terror to the Syrian war, they are always for war, but especially the Jews want a Palestinian civil war. And here the US comes in, by saying that Hamas are terrorists and the US will block PNA in the US courts and banks if they accept Hamas.

    So the Jews keep using this wonderful tool of attacking antisemites. Even if they do not destroy their enemy – Trump hasn’t been destroyed, Corbyn hasn’t been destroyed, Kurz hadn’t been destroyed – they force the attacked politicians to support Israel even more. Heads you lose, tails I win. And this is the road to perdition.

    The only way out of it is to desensitize people to the antisemitism charge. That is why I welcome certain pugnacious publications on the and elsewhere, for even if not perfectly fair, they still help to desensitize the reader.

    Good Jewish activists suggest to move in an opposite way. – “Fight antisemitism, do not give it an inch, – they say, – Antisemitism is counterproductive”. There are good Jewish activists, for sure. For instance, Philip Weiss or Norman Finkelstein. And from time to time, they give a salvo on suspected antisemites, like the Israeli writer and musician Gilad Atzmon. I do not want to argue with them, for they are doing good work – until they join the fight with antisemitism hunters. It is perfectly ok to dislike this or other anti-Jewish sentence or slogan; moreover, it is unavoidable for critique of Jews has many faces. But there is a distance between disliking this, and actually joining with Netanyahu and Weinstein.

    The souls of Gentile politicians are so fragile, they are so scared of Jews, that it is better not to traumatize them by suggesting that there are some evil antisemites to confront. Every lost Jewish vote will be well compensated by the votes gained. It is the right time to get rid of Jewish yoke, especially that this yoke is purely a psychological block.

    People may dislike Gypsies, they may dislike mass immigrants, they may dislike bankers, slick journalists, and machers. It is perfectly ok to dislike Jews. It is not against the law. You do not have to compensate that by kneeling to Israel.

    If you remember that, we shall free Palestine; and if you won’t, the war is inevitable.
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    By way of illustration: an utterly typical op-ed in the Washington (Democracy Dies In Darkness! ....wanna buy a candle?) Post.

    “Mondoweiss” is a hate site (UPDATED)
    By David Bernstein
    May 4, 2015

    Back in 2008, I wrote the following:

    I’ve made an occasional reference to Weiss or the blog he founded, Mondoweiss, since then. Mondweiss is basically one-stop shopping for anti-Israel news. Anything bad that goes on in Israel will be publicized and exaggerated at Mondoweiss. If you want to know the far-left anti-Israel party line on any recent event, Mondoweiss is the place to go.

    So in a sense it’s understandable that people with an interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict read Mondoweiss, especially if they share the blog’s anti-Israel politics. I keep up sporadically with Mondoweiss largely because its posts sometimes find their way into my Facebook feed from some of my more left-wing friends.

    I hope my Facebook friends and others recognize, however, that whatever Mondoweiss’ value as a news aggregator, it is also a hate site.

    Mondoweiss tries to preserve a fine line between hostility to Jews and hostility to Israel, but every once in a while, Weiss reminds us that the blog’s entire existence owes to the fact that he can’t maintain that separation.

    The most dramatic example I’ve seen arrived in my Facebook feed last week via a Jewish journalist who passed it along with the comment, “Who thinks like this?”

    In the course of a typical (for Weiss) rambling, somewhat incoherent post, titled, “Forgving the Anti-Semites,” Weiss makes the following claims, all of which are either unrelated to Israel or are only tangentially related to Israel–unless you believe that whatever Israel’s sins, they are not the “normal” sins of a nation-state, but somehow inextricably tied to the shortcomings of Jews.

    (1) The fact that Philip Glass told Terry Gross an anecdote about how his small-businessman father ripped off some record companies decades ago, and Terry Gross laughed, reflects the fact that Jews believe “we are justified in taking advantage of The Man.”

    (2) Weiss and his then-girlfriend, who wasn’t Jewish, exchanged letters via FedEx at Newsweek’s expense twenty-five years ago. According to Weiss, his girlfriend realized she was stealing from Weiss’s employer, while it never occurred to him. This says nothing about Gentiles’ honesty in general, or about Weiss’s perspicacity, but apparently again shows that Jews believe in taking advantage of The Man.

    (3) Here’s where it gets really bizarre. I can’t do justice to this part of the post without quoting it:


    Weiss apparently thinks that there is some Elders of Zion type group, which decided whether Jews are going to be willing to use their talents to drive the global economy, or let the world economy collapse, and they agreed to do the former because the American government agreed to support Israel.

    Or maybe he’s saying there was no agreement, but that the American government just wanted to show its gratitude to the Jews for playing a leading role in the world economy, and did so by supporting Israel. Either way, this is completely detached from reality, and either way, it results in the Jewish Brian Roberts pulling the Gentile Chris Matthew’s strings.

    (4) But Weiss gives equal time to another explanation for the success of pro-Israel forces:

    “My friend bridled at the explanation. He had worked on Wall Street; he spoke of all the insider traders who were Jewish. They weren’t any smarter, they cheated, he said. I said, OK maybe we’re not smarter, but that is how I think it worked.” So either Jews cheat, or they use their economic prowess to control American politics with regard to the Middle East. Or maybe both.

    (5) It actually gets worse, as Weiss comments on his friend’s theory that the Jews in Israel are acting like Nazis because they haven’t forgiven the Nazis and other Europeans for the Holocaust: “I don’t think you can forgive Hitler. But forgive Europe? Maybe that is necessary. It should not be so fresh in our minds, here in the U.S. Maybe that means telling the story differently, understanding our own role. It was never a fair fight. But we always had a kind of power.”

    Allow me a digression. Here is where warmed-over Marxism meets anti-Semitism. The Jews never had much political power in Europe, but after emancipation they were often, on average, more economically successful than the local non-Jewish population. So Jews aren’t proper Marxist victims, because Marxist dogma requires the victims to be of economically lower status than the oppressors. This is a major reason why European Jews faced with violent jihadist anti-Semitism get little sympathy on the far left–they are economically better-off than the local Muslim population, so only the latter can be proper victims. Thus criticizing Islamist jihadists is “punching down.” (Of course, it doesn’t help that the Jews are perceived as “white” and the Muslims not. That seems largely irrelevant in France, where 80% of Jews migrated to France from the same North African countries as most of the Muslims, but maybe I’m attributing some rationality where there is none to be found.)

    Anti-Semitism, however, doesn’t fit into Marxist dogma, and, in case one needed evidence that it has little to do with actual Jewish behavior, one need only consider how anti-Semites attack Jews for being both Communists and Capitalists, for being “rootless cosmopolitans” and ardent nationalists, for being secular atheists and religious fanatics, for being responsible for puritanical Western views of sex and for undermining traditional sexual morality, and so forth and so on.

    For centuries in Europe, “Jew” simply represented whatever real or imagined foe needed to be combated. It’s not entirely a coincidence that when the European far-left decided that nationalism, racism, and imperialism were the foci of evil in the world, that it was Israel that came to be the primary target for those sins, even if the Jewish connection was unconscious among many of the targeters.

    Anyway, I suppose it’s also possible that the “power” Weiss is referring to is not economic, but rather Gilad Atzmonish conspiracy theories about how the Jews set out to undermine Western civilization with Bolshevism, the Frankfurt School, and the Young Turk movement (!) But that seems a bit far out even for Weiss.

    (6) Finally there is this: “I have lunch with a distant relative who tells me about spending Passover at a Ritz Carlton in Florida. $7000 per head for the week, and so much food– a breakfast of matzoh and smoked fish in the room before the hot breakfast downstairs, a lunch that never ends, a whole candy room with boxes of candy in drawers free for the taking– it was straight out of the Patimkin basement in Goodbye, Columbus, and a shonde far di goyim– nothing she would ever want the anti-Semites to see.”

    I have no access to Weiss’ mind, so I can’t speak to his inner psychological motivations, but only to what he writes. There is only one audience for this sort of tripe, and it is people who dislike Jews.

    If similar nonsense came from the keyboard of a right-wing Christian like Pat Buchanan, no one would have any trouble identifying the relevant website as a hate site. The fact that this comes from a leftist “as a Jew” (or a “righteous Jew” according to John Mearsheimer’s rather idiosyncratic standard) shouldn’t alter one’s conclusion.

    UPDATE: Weiss replies here. This would have been a good opportunity for him to take back at least some of the more extreme idiocies in his original post, like the claim that “the American establishment” made a contract “with Jews to drive the economy in the 1970s … and in exchange for that leading role, the government would support Israel.” Instead, he purports to be proud of it.

    Weiss purports to believe that my post derives from the fact that I “cannot acknowledge” “the remarkable rise of Jews inside the U.S. establishment in the last generation.” Oh yes, I can. I hereby acknowledge the remarkable rise of Jews inside the U.S. establishment in the last generation. Let’s just look in my field of law. Three Jews sit on the Supreme Court. A Bush Administration attorney general was an Orthodox Jew, and another Jew ran the Bush OLC. Jews are around 25% of all law professors, and are among the most influential professors on the far left (e.g., Brian Leiter), liberal left (e.g., Cass Sunstein), and libertarian right (e.g., Richard Epstein). Some of the most influential lower court judges, including the liberal Stephen Reinhardt, the conservative libertarian Alex Kozinski, and the eclectic Richard Posner are Jews. And of course most of the contributors to the leading law professors’ legal blog are Jews. Jews are doing very well in the United States. Yay! Good for American Jews, and good for America.

    But my post wasn’t about denying that Jews have joined and thrived in the American establishment (heck, even the founder of a leading American anti-Jewish hate site is a Jew).

    Rather, I pointed out that, among other things, Weiss suggested (a) that Jews are more inclined to cheat than are non-Jews, and indeed Jews don’t even recognize it as cheating; (b) that the American non-Jewish establishment made some sort of deal with the Jews back in the 70s, in which Jews provided their economic prowess to the U.S. in exchange for support for the Israel lobby (indeed, that one is so ridiculous that my fingers rebelled at typing it); (c) Jewish media company CEOs force their Gentile employees to express support for Israel and (d) that Jews need to “understand our role” in causing the Holocaust because of the “power” we had. Weiss now elaborates that he’s talking about Jewish economic power, as if the German Jew who started as a peddler and built his business into a chain of department stores wasn’t simply an individual Jewish businessman who found success, but instead part of a cabal of Jews using their “power” to undermine the Gentiles, who retaliated via the Holocaust.

    These are all hateful things that we would all recognize as such if coming from the likes of David Duke. Weiss protests that he’s not anti-Semitic, but that wasn’t the point of the post. Rather, it was that he posted hateful things about Jews of the sort that one could find at the likes of the Vanguard News Network.

    Is that because Weiss is anti-Semitic or is there some other motivation? Who cares. Just know that when you’re reading Mondoweiss, you’re reading a hate site.
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