Scotland OKs fag marriage-

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    The first same-sex weddings in Scotland could take place in October after MSPs voted by a majority of 87 to legalise gay marriage.

    The vote, passed by 105 to 18, came after the Scottish parliament voted down several attempts to amend the bill to add extra protections for religious celebrants who opposed the new law.

    The amendments were backed by up to 21 MSPs, chiefly Catholic and Baptist churchgoers, but Alex Neil, the Scottish health secretary, argued there were already "robust protections" for religious organisations and celebrants.

    Scotland will become the 17th country and legislature around the world to introduce same-sex marriage. The first in England and Wales are due to take place this March.
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    ......the tidal wave of gayness rolls on! If only gays could reproduce themselves they would have something to count on! Since they rely on a man and a woman to do that, most gays probably find it repulsive that they come from a womb! Quite an oxymoron really, gay reproduction......

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