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    I had the misfortune of watching "Kids" when I was 13 or so. My closest friend at the time ranted and raved about how awesome the movie was, and I had other friends that praised it as well. I never understood it. It's a terrible, disgusting movie--dystopian even, and by no means "cool." Even at 13 I was baffled, thinking "what the fuck?" If anything, it served as a display of how our niggerfuxated nihilistic "culture" destroys (or could destroy) American youth when applied in its absolute purity. My youth "community" fortunately was not that fucked up, although I suppose that in certain locales it was possible or even true to life. My view was that movies of this type, like "Doom Generation," completely exaggerated, but I suppose that certain lower-class white youth communities, when exposed to dysfunctional families and divershity, were as fucked up as the movies suggested.

    I 'came of age' in the late late 90's, as in like '98-99, but we reached that nihilistic, amoral teenage state years prior, before we were even teens. I think I lived in an interesting environment during this time. It was an inner-city "Irish" neighborhood by this time, even though all white Catholic ethnicities blended therein. It was also a vibrant part of a section of Philadelphia that was purportedly 'racist' and notoriously segregationist. In terms of its average racial attitudes, it may as well have been a part of the South. Not only did the section go for Wallace in '68, but it even generated its own secessionist political aspirations. This primarily white area of course paid a highly disproportionate share of the cities tax revenues relative to the then predominantly black sections in North, Northwest, and even parts of South Philadelphia, and of course received essentially nothing from the city in terms of services. The area was conscious of this fact, and politically most of the whites therein were "Rizzocrats" who recently switched to the Republican Party, which gave the now predominantly black and moderately Jewish Democratic Party ample political (read: racial) justification to screw the Northeast. The "Rizzocrat" phenomenon was much like Nixon's "Southern Strategy" but on a local level, which I suppose is fitting because Frank Rizzo was the infamous police commissioner, Italian Democrat mayor of Philadelphia who oft crossed party lines in support of Nixon. When Rizzo was in, almost all white Catholics within the city were Democrats who supported him. Rizzo was like a municipal level proto-Trump with his highly controversial but hilariously fitting remarks. Blacks hated him because they alleged he discriminated against them in police/city hiring, plus he used the Philly police to pummel both the Black Panther Party and the MOVE group (that later got bombed by a black mayor). The lawsuits from the "racial discrimination" resulted in the "Philadelphia Plan." Anyway, after him we had a Black Democrat mayor and then Rizzo and white Catholics went Republican. Rizzo tried to run as a Repub again, but died campaigning against z Jewish Democrat (Rendell) who won. Anyway, the whole "Northeast secession" thing petered out when Rendell won - Northeast whites thought that he would be good to them, because he was "white" (but Jewish). Under him the black invasion of the Northeast begun, which continues to this day. Something like 200,000 white families moved out of Philly during the 90's, but Rendell was considered "successful" and even went on to become governor.

    Anyway, what I witnessed with the area's "Kids" during the 90's was interesting to say the least. The vast majority were racist, and interracial violence took off when blacks started moving in during the 90's. Despite the fact that they all hated blacks as neighbors, they were all wiggers, thus producing a strange hybrid: white kids who dressed like blacks but used the word "nigger," in the derogative fashion, perhaps moreso than anyone on earth. We had access to every drug on the planet, I even remember Oxy 80's were about $15-20 back then (I never tried them, back then anyway), but the "Kids" stuck with weed and messed with acid on occasion. The oddity was that a lot of them smoked "wet," or PCP, about every weekend. It was also perceived as "cool" to get "fucked up" -- and they did, all of the time. You can guess how successful most of them turned out to be. I grew up within a 5 minute drive, or maybe 20-30 minute walk, of Charles Murray's "Fishtown." Actually, when I played basketball and even gay ass soccer, we used to play them a lot. The funny thing about "Fishtown" is that it's all gentrified now; there's $500k+ condos everywhere in that section. "Belmont" literally conquered "Fishtown," which I guess is better than what happened to my area: razing by nigger blitzkrieg.

    I had a surreal moment at a party when I was 15, right before I moved out of the neighborhood. In fact, the party was like a "going away/farewell" party of sorts, as both me and my closest friend (the same "Kids is awesome!" one) were moving that summer (him to southern Jersey), and my other closest friend (his older cousin) was enlisting in the chAir Force. Anyway, I was tasked with providing acid to everyone at the party, which I did. A good number of people were there -- a lot that I didn't actually like, but I partied with them frequently as they were friends of friends. Our "KB" dealer ("kindbud," the neighborhood's generic term for the high quality, seedless marijuana - actually, thinking about the weed we used to get off the guy makes me miss it) was also there, and he was a guy I actually liked. We all referred to him as "Skank," which was his "tag name," or "graffiti name." Actually, graffiti was one super wigger preoccupation that all of the "cool" white youth had - literally everyone was immersed in so-called "graffiti culture." "Skank" once referred to my friends and I as "like the 'anti-nigger,' or the guys who fuck with the niggers causing them to do all of this fucked up shit. Can't you just play Playstation?" Me and the two guys mentioned above used to joy-ride into the black neighborhoods, driving by black people who were walking outside or just standing around with any projectiles I could retrieve from my then vacated house - usually eggs, or even something like frozen hot-dogs. For instance, one time on an impulse buy I actually purchased a "Warhammer" box set after playing the game at the "Games Workshop" store in the local mall. I honestly didn't realize that I had to paint all of them figurines. I tried to paint a few, but I was apparently too barbaric to finish them in an acceptable manner. So I was left with the little jars of paint that were now useless to me and needed to be disposed of. So yeah, you can imagine. One time I walked out of my old house with a two liter of Diet Pepsi (I had nothing else). I tried, but I just couldn't get much of it down. So we pulled over to the curb, next to an obese sistah who looked thirsty, so I "tossed" it to her, and may have added some verbal abuse, like "hey! Here's a Diet Pepsi, you f.................." It seems I was a bit absent-minded during this period, or just high all of the time. You can think the behavior terrible, and under most circumstances I would be in complete agreement, but this was revanche. Balkanized juvenile delinquency. Even though we did this in order to incite high speed chases, hilarious reactions, or maybe getting shot at - none of that happened from the niggaz.

    Back to the stupid party. It was actually the morning after we were up all night tripping balls, and I was still tripping. At some point my friend's older cousin and "Skank" got into a conversation about losers in life and intelligence and so forth and so on, I don't know why. My friend then told "Skank" that I was "smart" and could write in perfect English and yada yada. "Really?" was the reply, and all of a sudden I have this notorious graffiti artist drug dealer in my face, chewing me up for hanging out with losers, pleading with me to stop doing drugs, and then to get as far away from these people as possible. It was if one of my uncles was in my face, giving the same command. I should add that he was tripping too - we were all on acid actually. While he's saying all of this, I have a visual hallucination where his face widens considerably, into a face that looked much like a "demon." It actually looked like an ICP album cover. Anyway, it was strange as all hell, as it was not at all something that one of these guys would say, or so it seemed, and it always stuck with me. He was so right - so right. After I did get away and build a life for myself, whenever I went back and played with said losers from my past, old neighborhood, I paid a price.

    Whatever. That area was fucked, even when it was white, I guess. Our scheisskultur ruins those young whites who get sucked into it.
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    Abusing alcohol (or drugs) is an almost inevitable phase in everyone's life. Those, who make it only a phase, move on, having found more productive interests in life. The scheissekultur of dumbing down to the nigger level of beastliness instead of lifting people up is to blame that many lack the opportunities to find the spark that lights the fire. Those who have higher IQ and/or other abilities can escape the sinking ship by finding a profession in life that pays well enough to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck rat race and lets them move to a nicer neighborhood.

    The only thing that you can do as a parent is to teach your children about niggers (can start as early as possible) and kikes (this topic should be introduced later, maybe at 12) along with their abc's, and try to promote their interest in art, science and history as much as possible.
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