Question about wireless smartphone charger in vehicle

Discussion in 'Dr. Mengele's Laboratory' started by 4PortHub, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Recently i got a new vehicle that has a built-in wireless phone charger. You just put the qualifying device on it as you drive along and it gets charged. I do not have and don't intend to ever have a smartphone, and will have zero use for this feature. I've been burrowing around online but can't find any information about disabling this inductive charger. Do you think it is inactive, that is, not pumping radiation at me, if there's no phone on it?
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    • Plan A - Get out the ole multimeter, locate the fusebox, get some diagrams of the car's electrical system and pull the fuse, assuming it has one.
    • Plan B - Unscrew the dashboard, locate the wiring leading to the charger & chop them, then wrap the exposed ends in heatshrink tubing so as to avoid short circuits.
    • Plan C - Buy a different car, preferably something which still uses carburetors. (Chances of such a vehicle containing cellphone induction charge pads are slim to none.)
    • Plan D - Buy a cellphone with an induction charge case.
    • Plan E - Just accept the inevitable march of technological progress and that we are doomed to be made hostages to it.
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    Most wireless chargers draw a miniscule amount of power when not in use. I really wouldn't worry about it. I read an article not too long ago that stated that the total parasitic power draw from leaving an inductive charger plugged in for a year was about enough juice to charge a dead smart phone one time.

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