Irish man and English woman jailed in Dubai for sex in a taxi

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    Rebecca Blake and Conor Redmond

    Anglo-Irish reconciliation?

    An Irishman has been found guilty and sentenced to three months in prison for committing an indecent act with a British woman in a taxi in Dubai. The woman also received a three month sentence and both will be deported after they serve their sentences. Conor Redmond from Tullamore in Offaly and Rebecca Blake both denied the charge of "breach of honor with consent" and committing "an indecent act in a taxi." They admitted a charge of consuming alcohol in public. Ms Blake, 29, from Surrey, and welder Mr McRedmond, 28, were arrested in the taxi on May 4 after they had met earlier that day at a hotel brunch and then went on to an Irish bar. Pakistani taxi driver Qaiser Khan, 29, said he picked the couple up at around 11pm after they had been drinking all day. While driving the couple Khan said he observed Blake had taken her top off and was straddling Mr McRedmond and was 'moaning for two minutes and making the sounds of a woman having sex', say police. He summoned a policeman and said 'Come and see what they are doing.' The officer told the court he found the couple having sex in the car.

    Their lawyer said they denied the charges. “The driver's testimony to police officers contradicts his testimony to prosecutors. My clients' testimonies have remained the same during police and prosecution investigations.” Blake later admitted, “I'm no saint. The whole incident was a blur.” She lost her job as a result. Their lawyer said they took a taxi outside a hotel and Redmond had an argument with the taxi driver about the fare. 'My clients live here and they know Dubai so they knew the quickest route. The taxi driver saw he was drunk and thought he should go to the police before he had a chance to complain. As soon as he saw a police car he pulled over and said they were having sex. 'When the officer came over, they had their clothes on and were not doing anything. The witness statements do not tally. He added: 'There was no proof they had sex. They are adults who know what they are doing so they could have had sex in a hotel if they had wanted to. Why bother in a taxi?'

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