Huge New Asteroid Discovered on Google Sky?

Discussion in 'Dr. Mengele's Laboratory' started by Apocales, Jun 5, 2012.

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    A Google Sky researcher is claiming to have found a huge asteroid moving toward Earth that he says has not been mapped by scientists. The YouTuber, planetkrejci, is an avid UFO hunter, paranormal researcher and Google Sky watcher who has used the program in the past to discover exotic and unusual anomalies in deep space. This time he claims to have found a huge, rocky planetoid, which wasn't in that region of space several months ago, and is now heading towards Earth. Some commenters on the channel have confirmed its location at coordinates 5h 11m 33.74s -12 50' 30.09" while others, perhaps with an out of date version of the program, say they can't find it.


    If the asteroid is real, it appears to be massive in relation to other objects in the field of vision. It's hard to confirm the trajectory is heading towards Earth, and whether this object has been mapped by scientists on the lookout for planet killing space rocks. If that confirmation is made, it may be the first time a civilian has used Google Sky to identify a never before documented object in deep space. It may also mean the object would be named after its discoverer, another first. Here's the video:

    What do you think? Can this be an undiscovered asteroid hurtling to Earth?
    Please leave a comment below.

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    How can you calculate its trajectory from a single point? ...
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    A huge planetoid, like, at least hundreds of miles or so in diameter.
    I don't think others in the field would have trouble finding such a large object.
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