Heeb lawmakers want Visa, MasterCard to stop accepting payments on hate sites

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    Lawmakers want Visa, MasterCard to stop accepting payments on hate sites
    By Kirstan Conley
    March 7, 2017 | 6:16pm | Updated

    ALBANY – Nearly 40 state lawmakers are calling on MasterCard and Visa to stop accepting payments from users of websites promoting bigotry and intolerance.

    A company called Tightrope sells Nazi paraphernalia, including t-shirts, ballcaps, posters and bumper stickers with KKK symbols, swastikas, and messages like “F–k N—–s,” “F–k Islam,” and “White Power.”

    “Unfortunately, when consumers visit the website Tightrope.cc, the left-hand upper corner of the homepage indicates that they may use their MasterCard to purchase any desired product,” said Assemblykike Dov Hikind, who is leading the effort to put a stop to the hate profits.

    “Our communities are outraged to see that a prominent corporation such as MasterCard is involved with something that goes so strongly against the principles of decency.”

    Hikind and 38 other legislators asked the credit-card companies to stop accepting payments for the bigotry-promoting goods.

    There is a precedent.

    American Express blocked payments for a tour offered by Holocaust denier David Irving following a similar protest.

    MasterCard said the company is investigating the matter but generally doesn't ban the use of its cards “based on our disagreement with specific views.”

    “We believe that offensive speech will be seen for what it is,” said spokesman Seth Eisen. “We work to ensure that our cards are only used for legal transactions. If we’re alerted to something that is illegal or in violation with our rules, we reach out to the merchant’s bank to ensure the activity ceases.”

    Visa issued a statement saying promising to take action.

    “We are currently investigating the site in question, and will require the bank that signed the merchant to conduct a full review,” the company said in the statement. “These issues are important and difficult for Visa.”
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    Dov Hikind is the kike sperg who claims headstones in some kike cemetery that were damaged by simple neglect and weather erosion were damaged by vandals. Fuck off kike sperg.
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