Gavin McInnes: Cory Booker is a Shucking & Jiving Sambo

Discussion in 'Circle of Crust' started by Ozzy Bon Halen, Jan 19, 2018.

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    Fuckin' Gavin McAnus recently had one of my vids taken down off youtube on a copyright beef. Don't worry I'll get it back up on multiple platforms very soon, McAnus!
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    McInnes would be a lot more entertaining if he didn't regularly panic and hide behind the same tropes many do: Some Of My Best Friends Are, Demmycrats R Tha Reel Racists, Race-iss? ME?? Why Lookit My Nut Brown Wife!, etc, etc.

    Worse than fudge-packing himself with a black dildo on-camera are his regular semi-virtue-signals to the Beautiful People who now shun him post-Trump. He actually regrets being high-hatted by sea monsters like Samantha Bee; actually this is a common failing of people who started out as shock-journalists a la The eXile (his was VICE, I believe). They never stop believing they can be all things to all people and beloved by everyone who Matters (in a media sense, of course).

    He can be very funny (although he made a big tactical error leaving Rebel Media) but he too often gives off the vibe that - stick him with a Brit accent and a nigger "husband" - and he'd be Nick Denton.

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