Feds Take Down Jew owned Rentboy.com, 'World's Largest Male Escort Site,' in Manhattan; 7 Arrested

Discussion in 'Jewlag' started by Diarrhetrius Brown, Aug 26, 2015.

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    What is it about Jews and feces?

    Feds Take Down Rentboy.com, 'World's Largest Male Escort Site,' in Manhattan; 7 Arrested

    I smelled the Jew when I saw the headline and wondered who is CEO Jeffrey Hurant?

    Look at the Jew Beak on this fucker and I dare you to tell me he's not a Jew!


    Classic Jew beak!

    Seriously, my friends, whenever you encounter the sickest of the sick look for the jew for you will find him.

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    I'll bet shekels to bagels it involves underaged twinks. No jew, queer or straight can resist sex with children.
  3. Giada MAGA

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    Ashley Madison, now this. THIS is much worse. :salowhoa:
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    His mom's obituary kinda settles it.

    Edythe, 75, devoted and loving wife to her husband of 54 years, Leslie, beloved mother to Jeffrey, Robert and her adopted son James, dear sister of Judith Wertheim and the late Leon Sherman peacefully passed from this world on the morning of August 5th. She lived 75 wonderful years with zeal for everything beautiful. She sought, found and focused on the good in everyone. She was an avid member of her community, affiliations include, Fairmont Middle School PTA, Hackensack Shade Tree Commission, Democratic County Committee Woman, Past President of Hackensack Democratic Club, Former Employee of Herten Burstein Law Firm and Chief Financial Officer of Brave New Consultants. She was a unique powerful woman who brought happiness to people wherever she went. The joy and energy of her spirit radiated from her smile and made people instantly love her. Her courageous fight against a nasty and aggressive cancer was inspirational and heart wrenching for all who knew and loved her. She was surrounded by those who loved her when she took her last breath. Funeral Services will be Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 1 PM at: Gutterman and Musicant Jewish Funeral Directors, 402 Park Street, Hackensack, NJ. -

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