EU will ban UK from cutting tax or scrapping regulation as price of trade deal

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    EU will ban UK from cutting tax or scrapping regulation as price of trade deal

    Laura Hughes, political correspondent

    31 MARCH 2017 • 3:41PM

    Donald Tusk sets out EU's approach to Brexit talks
    Brexit fury as Brussels bans UK from cutting tax as price of trade deal
    In full: the EU's draft guidelines for Brexit negotiations​
    Trade deal talks could begin once "sufficient progress" is made
    Tusk rules out parallel talks on exit and future relations
    Outrage as Spain given "effective veto over future of Gibraltar" under EU plans​
    European leaders to formally reject Theresa May's Brexit timetable
    UK takes back right to deport as Britain repeals powers from EU
    Chopper's Brexit Podcast Episode 5 - listen now

    European leaders will insist that the UK rules out tax dumping as part of any trade deal struck during Brexit negotiations, it emerged today. (...)
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    Fuck the EU, we're leaving. And fuck Brussels. That club of girl's blouses and faggots can't dictate jack shit to us either.
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