East London acid attack: When Muslims are the victims, we refuse to call it terrorism

Discussion in 'European Dream' started by fuz al-nufi, Jul 1, 2017.

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    While I am in vehement disagreement with the aforementioned "Western" (ZOG) policies that you mentioned above, and can't really deny that these people have some grievances, my visceral response to the acid attack is pretty much somewhere between who gives a fuck and it's a good start at this point.

    Again, not saying that the Islamic world doesn't have some very legitimate grievances, but that doesn't excuse these lowlifes for being in our countries, either. Also, I'm not saying that my gut/visceral sort of reaction to things necessarily represents what I consider to be the highest and most celestial aspects of my character, but I'm just being honest and a hell of a lot of people are undoubtedly feeling the same way.

    This sort of thing always happens first at the absolutely lowest tier of society. It's always some Roof type shooting up a church (or that guy who shot up a Sikh temple a while back.) It's not rational and is arguably highly counterproductive, but what good is another year or decade of being "nice" going to do for us at this point? I wish there were some sort of reasonable middle ground between this sort of thing and me putting the tri-colors up on my Facebook profile or retweeting trite, < 140 character homilies of the Chicken Soup for the Soul variety, but it seems like increasingly, there is no middle ground.
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    Bro the British Gubbermint r a bunch of kurupt lazy no-good tr8tors whose policies are deeply unpopular and deliberately engineered against the interests of British people. Fuck 'em and their magic carpet riders.

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