Domestic calls

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    I've called the police ONCE because my neighbor was beating his wife. You could hear every hit, every thud, every whimper. The cops came, she was red/black/blue, and she said it was a "misunderstanding". After that, I minded my own damn business.

    Deadly calls: domestic disputes among most dangerous assignments for police

    The killing of a rookie Pennsylvania state trooper one week ago was the latest resulting from one of the deadliest types of calls that police respond to – domestic disputes.

    Of the 64 firearms-related killings of police in 2016, domestic“They’re emotionally-fueled incidents,” said Lt. Randy Sutton, a retired Nevada police officer and author who is a spokesman for Blue Lives Matter. “There’s often alcohol or substance abuse involved, and it exacerbates the situation. Very often you can’t talk someone down because they’re so charged up with emotion.”
    In domestic calls, Sutton said, perpetrators have an advantage not duplicated in many other scenarios – they’re on their turf, or familiar surroundings, in contrast to police officers responding to a call at the location.
    “Someone’s home can be a dangerous place to be for a police officer,” Sutton said, “they know where things are – guns, kitchen knives, a baseball bat, an iron.”
    “The police have to try to control the movement of the people in the home, and very often there are children there.”
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    Also, what often happens is that the victim, upon seeing her attacker/meal ticket being taken away, jumps into the fight against the cops. "Don't you take my MAY-un away!"
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