Clemson upends Bama, avenges last year title loss

Discussion in 'Ty Cobb Hates You' started by Bluto, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Scholar affletes o' Clemson- takin' time off from deir studies- had time to knock off da defendin' champs- da Crimson Tide- also burnin' both ends o' da candle by studyin' whilst playin' feetsball for Ol' Alabama- scores & takes da final lead wit' 1 second left, winnin' 35 to 31, endin' da pachyderms' 15 game win streak, avengin' las' year's championship loss & endin' a 13 game losin' streak to da Yellerjammer State boys datin' back to 1905. Yee haw!!! Now goes burn da town down for yer nigger mercenary (okays, some White boys on da team) 'roided-out mental midget Tigers, Clemson hayseed fans @ dat hick lower-tiered college in da middle o' nowhere.

    Da tiger paw prints on da helmets is still gay.

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