China erects huge statue of Karl Marx at his birthplace in Trier

Discussion in 'This Cesspool We Live In' started by Ozzy Bon Halen, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Funny. Marx is buried in London's Highgate Cemetery, not too far from his disciple (((Ralph Miliband))) whose sons are currently English politicos. Originally Marx was buried with his wife in a cheap grave paid for by Friedrich Engels 'cuz he died broke as a joke (much as he had lived). Then, Marxism became all the rage and his demented followers raised funds, had him and his wife exhumed and then re-buried him in a much more expensive plot and erected a big bust statue of him over it. Now the chinks are building him an even bigger one. LOLZ

    Now the ching chongs will soon build a statue of him in his hometown of Trier.


    Actually, it was called Prussia when Marx was born there. It is definitely Deutschland now though.
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