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    Why is weed legal in North Korea?

    The powers that be in NK don’t see cannabis as a drug. There isn’t any stigma surrounding it, and there isn’t a ‘pot culture’ like there is in North America. Instead marijuana grows wild throughout the country, and many of its citizens use cannabis on a daily basis.
    North Korean laborers will often smoke cannabis to help ease their aches and pains after a long day’s work. It is viewed as a medicine, not a drug, and it’s widely available.
    Don’t expect to find super dank bud in North Korea, instead you should expect a copious amount of ditch weed. It’ll do the job, and it is costs almost nothing, reports suggest it costs about 80 cents per pound.
    Cannabis isn’t stigmatized in North Korea like it is in North America. You can walk down the street with a joint, or sit down at a restaurant and light up a doob, no one will even take notice.
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