Airlines told to 'be prepared' for expanded electronics ban

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    Theft will go up in the baggage areas if people aren't allowed to bring on their electronics.
    Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan confirmed to reporters Tuesday that the administration is considering expanding the ban on laptops, which currently applies to U.S.-bound flights from eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
    An expanded ban on devices larger than cellphones could potentially include "more than a couple" other regions, including flights from Western Europe.
    Lapan reminded reporters that DHS Secretary John Kelly has alluded to the ban "likely" being expanded. DHS officials, however, are still deciding where and how the new restrictions will be implemented.
    The chief concern is passengers bringing laptops into the cabin -- something high on the law enforcement radar screen, ever since an attack on a Somali airliner where an explosive device built into a laptop detonated in flight and injured two people.

    In March, officials implemented the initial ban of certain electronic devices on flights to the U.S. from 13 international airports due to reports of increased terror threats that suggested Al Qaeda and other groups were still looking to smuggle explosive materials onboard planes. The ban also renewed post-9/11 regulations on liquids on planes.
    In a statement sent to Fox News on Monday, the Transportation Security Administration said the agency had not made a decision on the matter.

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