A Look At Pablo Escobar’s Family 21 Years After His Death

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    In honor of the show Narcos being out:

    Hey only 4,000 people lost their lives to his reign no biggie its south america, anything goes!

    Pablo Escobar, A Ghost From Horrible Times Past:

    Pablo Escobar will forever exist as a ghost from horrible times past. He is a reminder of the violence, greed, corruption, war, and danger in Colombia’s history. Although killed by Colombian police forces, aided by the U.S. government, in December 1993, his family still carries an emotional burden and excommunication that their last name brings. Escobar ran the most powerful drug cartel the world has ever seen. At the height of his power, he was rated as the seventh-richest man in 1989, with a fortune of US $25 billion. Such revenue did not come without a price, though, which now his family has to pay. Not only did Escobar’s wife lose her husband, but their two children lost a father at the ages of 14 and 9. The family also lost their money, when it was handed over to Colombian authorities after Escobar’s death. Without the protection of their much-feared father, the destiny of the family changed. All it remained were threats and intimidation to repay the damage done by the infamous drug lord.
    A Cursed Family

    Months after his death in December 1993, Escobar’s widow and two children fled Colombia in 1994. They were determined to escape from the consequences of Escobar’s actions. They stayed in various countries for short periods, because the majority of governments refused to accept them. Finally, Argentina brokered a deal with Colombia to grant them asylum and change their identities for protection. The tumultuous story of Pablo Escobar had not ended so quietly, however. After a few years in Argentina, the family’s identity was revealed and their quiet anonymity no longer protected them. Twenty-one years have passed since the Escobar family dodged the risks of staying in Colombia and entered Argentina. What has happened since? Who is the Escobar family today?

    Maria Victoria HenaoVellejo, Widow

    [IMG]Image Source: Ensegundos

    Maria Victoria HenaoVellejo met Pablo Escobar when she was only 13 years old. Back then, Escobar was 24 years old. They started dating immediately, even though her family did not approve of their relationship. They were married two years later in 1976. Though Escobar is known for his extravagant affairs and countlessmistresses, Maria never abandoned him. Nobody truly knew of their relationship, but it was speculated that Maria was infatuated with luxury. A $25 billion (US) net worth doesn’t seem so bad then, hmm? Exiled in Argentina, Maria Victoria HenaoVellejo changed her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero. She and her two children lived a quiet middle-class life in a Buenos Aires apartment, equipped with multiple housekeepers. In 1999, five years into their new life, word got out in Argentina of who they really were.
    [IMG]Image Source: Sinembargo

    In 2000, Maria Victoria and her son were arrested on money laundering charges. Escobar’s widow was allegedly receiving illegally earned money from Colombian drug lords in Uruguay. HenaoVellejo was held in Argentine jail for 15 months along with her son, (interestingly, longer than Pablo had ever spent incarcerated), until authorities released them based on insufficient evidence. A team of lawyers tried charging the two on anything, including drug trafficking, but eventually came up with nothing. Escobar’s widow commented: “I am a prisoner in Argentina for being Colombian. They want to try the ghost of Pablo Escobar because they want to prove that Argentina is combatting drug trafficking”.
    Juan Pablo EscobarHenao, Son

    [IMG]Image Source: Lavoz

    Pablo Escobar’s son not only inherited his last name, but also his first name and his facial features. Such a dangerous combination, when trying to start over with a new identity. In exile, he became known as Juan Sebastian Marroquín Santos. Even since his true identity was released, Juan has held on to his feaux name. Juan Sebastian has always been a pacifist. He loved his father, but he never agreed with the violence he stirred up in Colombia. Born in 1977, Juan understood what his father was doing in the cocaine trade of the 1980s and early 1990s. Although the two were very close, Escobar’s son disapproved of his father’s actions while the drug lord was alive. In fact, U.S. and Colombian agents located Escobar, on that fateful December night, from tracking a phone call between father and son. Escobar relayed in that conversation that he was surrendering to the police in dedication to his son.
    [IMG]Image Source: Gazetadita

    Relocating to Argentina in his late teens, Juan Sebastian entered school to become an architect. He enjoyed his new quiet life free of surrounding gunfire and fear. But he never quite felt comfortable living a lie. None of his friends or colleagues knew who he was. While that was a relief to some extent, he also felt guilty. In 2009, Escobar’s son released a documentary called Sins of my father (Pecados de mi padre), along with the help of his mother and two victims of his father’s terror. In this work, Juan finally revealed all his secrets. He reached out to his father’s victims, the Colombian people, and to the whole world to apologize for his father’s actions. Instead of fueling the cycle of revenge and murder, Pablo Escobar’s pacifist son is seeking dialogue, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
    Manuela EscobarHenao, Daughter

    [IMG]Image Source: Perfil

    Manuela, Pablo Escobar’s daughter, has remained a more mysterious figure than her brother and mother. While the other two have conceded interviews and produced a documentary, Manuela has shied from the public eye. More was known about her as a little girl before her father’s death than is known today. Born in 1984, Manuela’s life with her father was cut short. Escobar’s acquaintances—the survivors, anyway—recall Manuela as her father’s spoiled little princess. When Escobar’s daughter wanted a unicorn, he bought her a horse and stapled (yes, stapled) a cone to its head and wings to its back (the horse died from an infection). When Manuela asked her father how much a billion dollars was, he responded “the value of your eyes, my princess.” Escobar even forced one of his mistresses to get an abortion when she became pregnant. Why? Because the drug lord had promised his daughter that she would be the last of his line. Whatever Manuela wanted, Manuela got…except for a life of peace and safety.
    [IMG]Image Source: Efectonaim

    Always on the run, Manuela was accustomed to a life of instability and danger. In Argentina, she changed her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. At just ten years old, she had to uproot her entire life and pretend to be someone else. She went to school—on public transportation nonetheless—and started anew in Buenos Aires. Everything came crashing down a mere five years later, just like it had in December 1993. Now everyone knew who she was, and she was stripped yet again of the existence she had known. Not much information about Manuela has been recorded since. Now as a 31-year-old, she lives away from the spotlight and it seems she will keep it that way.


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