‘Gigantic Lie!’ Spanish government embroiled in ‘scandalous manipulation’ of debt figures [/b]

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    ‘GIGANTIC LIE!’ Spanish government embroiled in ‘scandalous manipulation’ of debt figures

    THE European Commission has been accused of failing to meet its legal obligations in an astonishing letter sent to the Eurogroup President by Spanish financial experts.

    Campaigners including a leading Madrid based economist have called on Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Dutch finance chief who leads the eurozone’s ministers, to intervene immediately to probe the Spanish National Accounts.

    They say the people of the country have become "victims of the greatest wave of political profligacy and corruption ever known in Spain’s recent history”.

    The men have asked for a meeting with Mr Dijsselbloem who recently became angered over a 'drinks and women' row raging at the European Union. (...)


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