State of Amerika and Trump's Revolution in early October '16

Blog entry posted by Man Against Time, Oct 10, 2016.

The course of the 2016 election has not revealed too many new things about our decrepit society, at least to us "Crustaceans," so much as direct a shining light on the most diseased parts of our body politic. For me personally, it's not the substance of every new 'crisis' development in our election drama that concerns me, as the overwhelming bulk of it is truly not unprecedented in American politics no matter what the NY/D.C. pundits try to say. The decline of virtue and morality had set in decades ago, much at the mainstream's urging, and we have already put a number of unqualified and completely degenerate, decrepit scumbags into our White House.

What usually interests me about these developments is what their regularity and overall reception indicates about the state of our Empire in a sort of metahistorical ontological sense. We already know that we are doomed, rotted to the core, and will self-destruct in accord with the life cycle of every predecessor Indo-European civilization afflicted with moral, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and racial disintegration of the sort that seems to always come with attaining a state of peak imperial hegemony.

Typically, an excess of material prosperity precipitates decadence, replacing a people's love of victory with love of luxury and wealth; most importantly, the people's will to life devolves into license, and the will to power forsaken for pleasure. Much like the postmodern proverbial 'dirty old man' whose higher faculties and vitality wither with all attention focused on youthful bosom and buttocks, the people of late-stage materialist hegemons gradually sacrifice their cultural programming needed to develop higher spiritual and biological abilities for diversion to lustful obsession with the pointless and fantastic. The organic connection with past and the optimistic consideration of future shifts to full immersion in a present temporal orientation defined by disconnect with past and the uncertainty following the recognition of no future. We, the people then me, me, me, the sheeple.

We know it because we live it and see it, but it was all there in Athens and Rome too. Who knows, if the Hindus are right, we may have lived it before. If Nietzsche and Mircea Eliade are right, we are doomed to live & repeat it again and again (!) The pop cult's recent fascination with virtual reality consumer technology really says it all about these short-sighted, suicidal, and self-indulgent tendencies. The last words of our destroyed post-modern civilized people will not be etched in stone or inscribed on parchment, but entered somewhere in a digital universe, the existence of which could only be confirmed by the proper extraction and decryption of data backed up and secured on a server located in a city somewhere in the unreal simulation once described as the "real" world.

A voice-to-text chat log from some VR game would thus provide the last words of the Last American, which will probably look something like this: "You know, really, who cares what happens in our old simulation, if we lose our so-called countries to crazy Islamic goatfuckers in that lame ass part of the Matrix? I'm from Seattle in the obsolescent analog 'RL-verse,' and even though we have a lot of Muslim refugees here now, they're really, really happy with living in diversity and getting free health-care, food, phones, tuition, affirmative action- you name it, we do things the right way here, and have nothing to worry about. Anyway, thank God for Microsoft's The Real, Real Life's new intergalactic exploration expansion pack on Steam, because right now I'm rea--I mean, very pre-occupied with setting up a fair trade outpost (just say "no" to colonization!) on this newly discovered planet. We've just made contact with an extra-terrestrial civilization of what are called Trollolls, a primitive but noble breed that worships black holes. Our intent is to introduce them to our superior way of life and all of the blessings of unitarian vegan democratic socialist matriarchy. Can you imagine how fucked up they must be with only just two rigidly defined gender roles? Wait, what the---!?! My headset! Oh sh-- No, please, please, don't tie m---put the machete down, no, I swear I'm not gay, and I love Allah! I voted for Hillary and I studied the Koran in community college, look, my kindle is over there, fu-- Just let me plug back in. If you're going to do that, let me wear the headset at least. We were just about to distribute chai lattes to the natives on Raterdo..." And the history books would incidentally note that the English title of the last American-style film ever made, produced by Jewish-American converts to Islam to commemorate this execution and victory over Satanic self-indulgence, featuring possibly the last manifestation of the historic 'Anglo-Saxon' sense of humor, was Nickberging for Allah.

Recently, I've been thinking that this elaborate conceptual abstraction of the "Slow Decay of Imperium in Historical Cycles" could be a distraction. The concept distracts from those more immediately pressing truths substantiated by recent trends that are so abnormally irrational, unusual, and climatically disconcerting that we tell ourselves that they will drift away like floating storm clouds, returning us to normalcy. The level of chimpin' seen in 2016 is so unprecedented and so radically divergent from our normal expectations that we really have no current way of knowing how to deal or even cope with it. Is Planet of the Apes science fiction or prophecy?

If we zoom out to a sort of maximum focus, looking at the slow development of long-term trends, at those forces of the historical process in macrocosm, of course it is easier to see the rot and decay that resembles those slow-moving, long deceased classical civilizations. But if we come down, scaling down to the microscopic, boxed into the surroundings of the immediate present and very recent past, we'll notice a far greater likeness to the times directly preceding the French Revolution.

We have privileged elites who are far cut-off and removed from the common producer, viewing their burdens with an air of supreme contempt. Our government has the same fiscal budgetary problems that cannot be resolved through normal measures. Outside of the political arena, there are even likenesses in the distribution and radicalization of political discourse. The Enlightment-era liberal philosophes who assimilated into mainstream French political and education institutions created a new status quo that promised great and unrealistic benefits from their salons and cafes to the common man, all based on utopian idealism and a priori reasoning, but they only legitimized the socio-economic gains of some upper bourgeoisie while delivering little that was tangible in the real world of people who worked and suffered.

This ideological status quo was challenged by an explosion of radical grassroots pampheleteers in Jacobin clubs that were closer to and directly connected to the people. We see this same phenomenon, today, in the great divergence between mainstream sources of information rooted in old technologies, corporations, and/or networks and the renegade sources of information on the Internet. One proclaims Trump a poonhound pussy grabbin' rapist, the other crashes live major network broadcasts to bellow that Bill Clinton is a rapist. The pamphlets of the late eighteenth century with 'scurrilous lampoons' of the social elite are reborn in the massively shared meme images of the Alt-Right. The polarization and hatred is all there, too, along with the collapse of the 'moderate' center; globalist elites and patriots would like to bathe in one another's blood, while police and dindus are already killing one another. Recalcitrant and immobile interest groups loot the people through the government while financiers stir up mobs to loot the people on the streets. Chaotic conditions are becoming ubiquitous, and the encircling energy is anxious and unpredictable. It truly "feels" like we really might not be all that far from guillotines.

It's actually becoming frightening in another way. The current of news and the stream of information is moving so uncontrollably fast now that it's difficult to plant a foot down, assume a place and find balance. Yes, time is running out before the actual election, so perhaps this is the equivalent to a "hurry up offense" in Team Hillary's playbook. But with tensions so high, I wonder if this strategy is truly wise in a more broad sense. Of course, Team Hillary has a very narrow view on these developments, and will apparently pursue any and all means available to achieve their end. With 1995 tax returns and 2005-whatever audio-tapes, the attacks are not only reaching, but they lack a sort of Machiavellian precision and disciplined decisiveness, more resembling the political suits' equivalent to "spray and pray" with a street sweeper. The media, currently serving as the chatty cheerleading prostitutes in a gang warfare "drama," were giddy with euphoria, unanimously declaring the desperate and flailing execution of this operation as a coup de grace to the Trump campaign. But we already know that, like a "horror movie character" as the shitlibs say, Trump has risen to his feet, and continues to fight on in the face of enormous opposition. Indeed, whilst showing little signs of damage, Trump viciously returned fire in a second debate performance that was expected to be a mopping up operation for Hillary. Trump not only put Hillary on the defensive, but even successfully redirected the narrative to a large degree by gathering all of Bill Clinton's female victims and bringing them to the debate. Trump played to his strengths and actually looked prepared, while Hillary was forced to deliver bold face lies about her position on Supreme Court nominees (note: the type of people that Hillary explicitly said that she wouldn't nominate are, predictably, exactly those that she will nominate) and about "supporting the Second Amendment," but with exceptions and limitations that effectively repudiate that Amendment. The aftermath of the second debate turned out to be the opposite of the first debate: Trump's supporters are declaring a decisive victory, while Clinton's are saying "draw." As the discussion pivots and moves away in accordance with Trump's direct steering, the members of the liberal establishment and its sheeple are screaming, "Nooooo! We can't be done speaking about those 2005 videotapes, not yet, not yet, not yet! Wait, come back! RAPE!!!!"

Trump may not be a role model now, but the establishment's all-out, total war against him has assured posterity that, if he prevails, he will certainly be a role model and inspiration to not just people in the present but generations of people to come for producing a victory against all odds, overwhelming opposition, and in defiance of all official, "legitimate," and mainstream expectations. A successful revolution propelled by one man and one "deplorable" people.

And that's only if he wins the election. Imagine if he actually delivered on his promises, and successfully pulled us away from the grip of this torrent of chaos fomented by the Obama administration's complete incompetence and negligence. Then he would be less an American "Hitler" and more an American Augustus (albeit one that grabbed a lot more pussy).
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