Our "American System" of realty development

Blog entry posted by Man Against Time, Oct 26, 2016.

It’s the new Great Game of our day, sink or swim, run or be eaten. “Fishtown” simply represents the demographic flotsam and jetsam left behind by those who possessed the financial mobility to escape the brown blitzkrieg. It’s white flight from a big black bear, therefore you have to make sure you earn a little more and possess more assets than your neighbor, that way you can leave him behind to be eaten in future WorldStarHipHop videos. The objective is to beat him to the punch when it’s the right time to snag a property in those new exurban developments, before the property values shoot through the roof and leave you behind, effectively locked out of Whitetown and stuck in the ghetto.

This is the true nature of neighborhood-by-neighborhood real estate and county development in action. A cruel and unforgiving rat race out of a collapsing middle class provides additional gravity to what can possibly be described as a brutal economic game of survival. No one says it, but everyone can see it; the middle class is the sinking ship, and if you can't get ahead you'll sink into the abyss. If you and your family can’t adapt and somehow break into the top with those living the good life, or if you’re just not equipped to rub shoulders with Murray’s nouveau riche “cognitive elite,” you will find yourself sinking into the lower rung, sharing school districts with “undesirables” and cherishing sweet diversity. After your kid has been mugged a few times and comes home barefoot after you foolishly bought him those hideously overpriced but flashy new Michael Jordan sneakers, you might grow a little disgruntled – you may even, god forbid, start surfing those vile alt-right web-sites to find like-minded folks that have shared your experience and accordingly “understand.”

On the other hand, if you can somehow beat the odds, beat inflation, keep your head above water, rising above the tide and riding it to virgin frontiers stuffed with new developments, which you’ll likely find in areas that were considered mostly rural just a few decades back, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve made it – your children get to grow up in a “safe neighborhood” of well-maintained lawns, fancy cul-de-sacs, and elite suburban public schools. You might see a brown person here and there--wait, that one there was just that really Italian guy, Joey, with his new tan. Thank God! Your kids will be made to suffer for it to some degree as they are brainwashed with racial guilt, digesting daily “learning” about how excessively privileged they are, how hopelessly indebted they are to minorities, and how they can never possibly repay that tab no matter how many African kids they adopt as they will always and foreverbe racist.

Still, nobody’s getting shot in a town that’s 96% white, 3% east Asian, and 1% “other” (Joey?) At least you’re not in the old town with ma’ and pa’, who always complain to you over the phone about the phat rap beats blaring through their window and old chicken bones left on their sidewalk. But if their phone calls are too much to handle, you know you can just let them know that you’re still voting Democrat, hell, even lecture them about being racist and regressive when speaking that way about progressive demographic change; they won’t call for a while after that, mark my words.

It’s a beautiful life, right, and so the saga continues. Indeed, the cycle seems perpetual, and it just keeps rolling on, like an autonomic Energizer Bunny. It’s how certain parts of Africa were developed, like in Kenya and South Africa, so of course it’ll keep working here. You have white folks invest the capital in these new towns, build them up, start the circulation of commerce, establish the schools, whatever is needed to convert that rural exurb into a flourishing “suburb.” The white folks get to maintain it and prosper there for a few decades, they call it "home" about a generation, or a generation and a half if they’re lucky. Often this is a factor of how long it takes for the all-white area to grow guilty and turn to liberal Democrats for any local political solutions (although after Obama’s aggressive administrative regulations even this step may be skipped henceforth). Our awesome government takes some of the money that didn’t get to travel through the private sector because it was taxed away, and redistribute some of it for the sake of social justice with our reinvigorated Section 8 program. Now, we can’t lie, we know that some white people benefit too, and there are other mechanics involved that we could consider, but for the sake of space I’m simplifying things a bit. Plus, we know that whites don’t start moving en masse if a few poorer white families relocate to their area, even if they’re welfare recipients with some illegitimate children in tow.

But we can’t let these white towns get too comfortable with just that, can we? That’s awfully boring, and we have so much land that needs to be developed in the long run, so many untapped resources that need to be integrated into our grand ol’ economy as quickly as possible because we need to grow as much as possible. So anyway, if you want to get white people mobile again, just like in the land-hungry times of yore before the frontier closed, moving a number of black families into that lily white town will light a fire under their ass. It doesn’t even have to be that many, especially if any are from projects. The “For Sale” signs will start popping up shortly, and the quantity of local real estate transactions will grow exponentially. That’s right--exponential growth, baby! And this town was pretty slow and stagnant before, peaceful even, hell, just too much whiteness itself is “dull” if you ask anyone important. Plus, people always love it when the real estate market starts moving so fast that it looks like it’s booming and will continue to boom forever. Remember those heady days? That actually wasn’t the first time in American history that sort of thing happened, but we’re a land of short memories and shoddy historical knowledge.

Back to white flight. The white folks start moving again like they’re modern day voortrekkers, or maybe reverse voortrekkers. Even though they pocketed some equity from the previous property – assuming they sold their home before everyone else glutted the market with theirs’ that is – the migrating white birds will have to take out another mortgage. Having to pay off another mortgage sucks, sure, but at least you’re not stuck in a neighborhood that’s “going,” and you have to be so quick in this game if you want to survivethat you might not have any time to dwell on it anyway. Brand new, large single homes in pristine lily white towns cost an arm and a leg, as well as a kidney and a foot. Even though it seems like things have just returned to the old equilibrium, the status quo ante, everyone wins because everyone feels like they’ve moved up in the world. Black, white, realtor, developer, lender, bank, Democrat, bureaucrat. You can throw “immigrant” in there, too, since we’re making living space for everyone. Everyone except for the white flotsam and jetsam abandoned in Fishtown, but forget about them anyway, they’re deplorable.

Sprawl fueled by the great race away from brown folks is the new “American System,” and it just keeps going and going. If you can compare ethnographic maps of the United States over time you can see which way the wind blows, and that is from the coasts inward in a quasi-centripetal motion. White America keeps moving closer to the center. Soon, in a few decades perhaps but maybe more, former Northeasterners, Southerners, Pacific Northwesterners, and Southwesterners will be crashing into and running over Midwesterners. What happens when white America runs out of space, and there’s nowhere left to run? Surely we don’t want to think about that, but surely it won’t be pretty. By that point all of the resentful non-white folks will be itching to “take whitey to Zimbabwe,” so to speak. I suppose we can count our lucky stars that minority revanchists and self-hating latte liberals will never encounter the concept of Knesselschlacht, unless it’s purely out of intuition. In any case, our current “sink or swim” to our best imitation of Brazil may inevitably turn into a “kill or be killed” emulation of old Rhodesia.

For the time being, though, learn to swim, keep an eye on the tides.
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