Opium of the Asses

Blog entry posted by Man Against Time, Sep 26, 2016.

The contemporary Left is insidious, dishonorable, deceitful, dangerous, and destructive. Its continued predominance threatens our way of life and our civilization itself. In respect to a substantial segment of the population under its influence, it has succeeded in dismantling communities, churches, families, and individual identities, thereby fomenting increased levels of crime, dependency, disillusionment, and chaos. Even the middle-class white family of suburbia has been corrupted and essentially destroyed, with the once employed bread-winning factory worker the new focal point of our Great Society's derision, whether the source is social media or cable television. Can we really blame young white kids for running away from all of this verbal abuse to the solace and synthetic comfort provided by cheap opiates?

And if cheap opiates aren't for you? Like any racketeering scheme propounded by any thug enterprise, the Left proposes its own self-serving solutions to the problems of its own making. All of said 'solutions' in turn exacerbate the original problems further and even give birth to new ones, precipitating a vicious cycle that rots the afflicted subjects to the core. One such solution is to offer a raft to those perplexed by that panic naturally produced by the anarchic conditions of a sinking ship; an offer contingent on the rescued joining the attack to help sink his own, and to embrace the future of the Brave New World. Clever, these Left-wingers are, combining the tactics of Gang and Cult. The Left promises the cohesion and comfort to the alienated that is now lacking in those obsolescent traditional sources currently treading water in our "post-modern" world. Drink the kool-aid, plug your ears and shout: Progress! Homophobe! Racist! Keep yelling at the Neanderthals to shut up--all of the experts agree, as do Hollywood's celebrities and the consolidated New York news media: America is Already Great! In the end, even the abstemious survivor still ends up with an opiate to keep one's mind satiated despite its clear divorce from reality.

The opiate of in-lockstep uniform denial is operative whether we're discussing inner-city riots or acts of terror on the native soil. It turns out that, in truth, the Left is actually doing us a favor by denying the threat posed by Islamic terrorism. Ironically, it's the one honest instinct they've shown us, and it is quite revealing. The forces of jihad really aren't the great threat that it's cracked up to be. The threat to us posed by these goat-humping jihadists wouldn't even be relevant if not for the intervention of an entirely separate ancillary cause - call it the prime mover of national and cultural decay. If not for the paralysis of will and neurotic self-loathing propagated and institutionalized by the Left, any danger posed by unkempt and assuredly stinky extremist foreigners with strange appearances, strange accents, strange names, and medieval worldviews would be resolved with the addition of a few perfectly Constitutional bright-line rules to our Immigration and Citizenship laws. Hell, an effective solution wouldn't even require the application of much vigilance but only mild common sense.

"But this cannot be done," says the Left; after all, whatever they imagine to be verboten, is verboten, at least in their own infantile totalitarian universe. And we allow them to get their way! So the latte liberal Lego world becomes our reality, and likewise our dystopian misfortune. It's not just a movie like Demolition Man anymore; no, no, this isn't satire, Harrison Bergeron, or an alternate universe, or a bad dream: it's real life! There really is a skinny female(?) with glasses and a crew-cut in your face at 8:30 in the morning lecturing you about cisgendered privilege. And if you don't agree that this is what makes America great, right now, you will be triggering the Left's minions with a Neo-Nazi micro-aggressive crime against humanity.

But you're not the only sane, responsible, and realistic adult who realizes that this has all gone way too far. Fortunately, the Left can only continue fucking everything up if a majority of the rational adults allow this raving lunatic child ideology to continue fucking everything up. The time to take the ball away from this spoiled child, the one who keeps using it to break all of our frames and furnishings, is long overdue. The child needs a slap and a long time-out. If that doesn't suffice, I say we send the little brat to military school. We also need to cut off his allowance, for a loonnnggg time even, due to all of the craziness incited by his wild and nefarious imagination.

On November 8, vote to take the spoiled brat's ball away. And if he wants to move to Canada over it, we should offer to buy the ticket.
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