Expecting a new beginning.

Blog entry posted by Ozzy Bon Halen, Jul 20, 2016.

Fuck me, I've lived on the fucking West Coast (or near it) the vast bulk of my human lifetime. My girlfriend (who is expecting our children soon(twins!)) offered me a way out. She is a true child of the Deep South and has asked me to accompany her back to the place where she began her life journey....

So, my lifelong ambition of living in the Deep South and joining the Klu Klux Klan will soon be realized. Yes, I want to be a true blue Klansman. I know that the fuckin' kikes have long demonized The Klan as some sort of badness or whatnot. But really they are Men Of Honor. And soon I will join their ranks.

It is my Life Journey to make the Klan respectable again. I know that the shitty odds are against me. The "slings and arrows" of "outrageous fortune" will befuddle my path. They will stand against me and even try to destroy me.

But you know what? The Klan are respectable good men who stood up for what they believed in. And I am very proud to soon swell their ranks! Brothers, I am so proud to soon meet you. Greet me soon with open arms because I am your brother. Yours, Ozzy :)
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