Adagia: Nosce Tempus

Blog entry posted by Macrobius, Apr 8, 2012.
Nosce Tempus,M1

And if you don't like Turnip Greens with vinegar, or know what Advent is, 'sucks to be you'.

Gallus in suo Sterquilionio plurimum valet

Handy quote to keep about for the Mexican help. 'Sterquilonio' should be on the fave-words thread.,M1

Etiamsi Cato Dicat,M1

A reference to 'The Pink Panther' film series, I suppose.

De Asini Umbra,M1

It's a long story about Demosthenes and donkeys, and you will just have to read it for yourself. No comments from Niccolo, please. Consider it a sort of pons asinorum (q.v.).

Semper tibi pendeat hamus,M1

'Always have your hook baited'. Clear enough, and straight out of the Compleat Angler.

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